Tell me please a site where I can upload pics free and without login.
  2. G

    how dow i mack a map in valve hammer editor

    if u no plz help
  3. G

    NeD's vegitto

    Yes, here's the Vegitto I've been practising my skills on :P .
  4. ssj999vegeta

    sprite editing

    what program do i use to edit sprites? im sick of my red saiyan having a yellow powerup iots so indignifying :P
  5. Mr.Bugskin

    Rules for noobs

    Ok i put his here cuz i dunno where it goes so here r rules for the model/ skins section 1.Do not pm the skinner or the modeler for the model u want. 2.Don't make anythreads that u want the models from skinners and modelers. 3.Don't Freaking Whin if they don't release their models or skins...
  6. Emeka650

    M.O.D. Gohan skin

    Gotenks is bieng reskinned and gohan is almost done only chest skin is left. and here is a wip of trunks
  7. F

    Help on photoshop

    meh, i just download *cough*bought*cough* photoshop, and i messed around with it for a while and realized i have no idea what im doing, and all the tutorial on the internet dont help on making sigs, so im wondering if some1 would be nice enough to help meout:D ;D
  8. Lethal_Vegetto

    Im Looking for Some Maps

    I need esf map sites plz...i cant seem to find any good ones.. And i got all the maps off redsaiyan so..where else can u posibly look. Plz give me some links someone. thx;D
  9. Jimesu_Evil

    Nappa Finished!

    Here's a Nappa model for everyone! I'll post the download link when it it up, but until then, here it is! One problem is the hands. They seem to, oh, you'll work it out.
  10. HitmanXtreme

    I've got a Problem

    Everytime when I start I'm stucking in the ground and I must beam myself out before I can play.
  11. I

    Problem with Sprite Making

    When I tired making an animation for a sprite I ran into a problem.. it said it wasn't of the same set or whatever in the Sprite Wizard program.. any way to fix this?
  12. G

    Bojack Gohan SSJ2

    Ive searched everywhere in the threads and still can find one please does anyone know where i can find a Gohan with goku clothes and is SSJ2.....O_o
  13. S

    Chibi Trunks (Buu Saga)

    Hey There, Do any of you know if there's a Chibi Trunks model from the Buu Saga available, I got the Goten model, it rocks, but I'm kinda missin' Trunks with it, just to have in battle with you just makes the feeling more right... Can anyone let me know ??? !!! Greetz, Snake D
  14. Mr. Satans

    .wrl Models

    What in teh heck d'ya use to make/edit .wrl models?
  15. U

    Post your Best Creations in here

    Okay this a Post to post all your best Works of art on models And put the link to it so we can dl it too okay