1. Kaination

    3d phone model

    I'll post wires in a little bit. got some cleaning up onj the texture, on account of accidently leaving the ******* file home, but hey, it is what it is, i'll post an updated one soon.
  2. Dzamija

    Cell phone question, lawl.

    I got a question for you guys. See, I have this really old Nokia cell phone, 6230i or something like that, and beside that I also have an even older one that uses the same battery. Now, since I only use one of them, I use the other one as a backup battery charger, so if I accidentally forget to...
  3. Denz

    Phone you own..

    post a pic of your phone booooooooiiiiiiiiiiii ive got Nokia N95 8gb, and i hate it from the day i bought it..
  4. Nemix

    Cheap Android Phone STORY

    Ok... my phone broke (Sony Ericsson W760i) and my brother's phone broke a long time ago too (LG KU250 ?? not sure) and we went today to a GSM where they repair phones sadly only the Sony Ericsson can be repaired. I'll throw the LG away or sell it for spare parts. On Wendsday my brother has to go...
  5. Kaination

    So I just got a Droid phone... :3

    I love it to death. Can anyone recommend me some good apps, for any droid users out there?
  6. Kaination

    Just got a new droid phone (Samsung Epic), app recommendations?

    Well, does anyone here use a droid phone? if so, what are some good apps to get me jump started?
  7. Kaination

    Looking for a new phone.

    So, left my phone and wallet on the top of my car driving home, and my wallet was there, but my phone wasn't. Found it and it was cracked to all hell. Fell off on the road and someone ran it over :( So, anyone know any good, relatively cheap, I am willing to pay but not for an iphone type...
  8. ZeroNightmare

    Making Ringtones for your phone.

    Was just curious about how you guys went about getting/making your ring tones. I was just going to try using goldwave to cut the parts I liked and save them as smaller files.
  9. J-Dude

    Any tips on getting cell phone images onto my PC?

    I like the function of taking photos with your phone's camera, but it's almost been a useless feature to me because I have no known way to get the images onto my computer where they'd be useful. The phone has no way to directly connect, and Internet functions are disabled. What might be ideal...
  10. Kaination

    New phone in a week, need help deciding.

    Renewing contract = new phone, and I'm wondering which phone to get. I was thinking the iphone, but I'm not sure, heard it's expensive in total cost :x I'd like it mostly for texting and occasional internet needs. Has to be an ATT / Cingular phone. I also was thinking of getting a...
  11. True-Warrior

    Funny threatining message 2 relative via phone

    I was wondering have anyone felt this way to any relative? :) its worth listening all the way Its entertaining jus' listen
  12. SuBMix

    Dragon Ball Z Mobile phone game

    is there some one DBZ mobile phone game if there is a game were i can download it ???? (sorry for my bad English)
  13. frsrblch

    Buying a cell phone...

    Well, I'm caving in and buying a cell phone. I've held off for years, but I think it's time to finally get one. Considering that almost everybody has one of the damn things, I figured that lots of you would have some advice on the subject of cell phone shopping. What should I look(out) for in...
  14. JDeezNutz

    Recorded mobile phone prank

    Hey guys, You know there are a lot of those recorded phone pranks going around where someone rings someone, then plays the recorded sound to them? The only ones I've heard are offensive..anyways, My question is, has anybody on these forums (should have...) have the police recording? The...
  15. T

    what kind of cell phone do you have..

    in this forum you see the type of cell the person has rate it from 1/10 then say what cell you have and so on
  16. S

    Cell phone graphics with pixel shaders!

    Click here for more! Hm, seems a little overpowered for me. I don't really see how having pixel shaders in a phone will help with anything except maybe the interface, Doom 3 interfaces, anyone? :D.
  17. N

    dream phone

    post the mobilephone you alway's wanna to have, this is my dream phone:
  18. Enix

    Boost Mobile Phone Commercials

    OMG, i was sittin there watchin spike tv and then some boring commercials came on and then this boost mobile phone commercial came on and i watched it and ended up on the floor, i was laughin so hard, i had to rewind it a few times cause i couldnt get enough of it, then i went searching for them...
  19. K

    Sig critz

    my matrix themed one (i tryed usin green but it sucked. But i got the idea from the matrix when all the text was flying in)
  20. VivaLaPineapple

    better or worse better or worse than my cell phone?