1. N

    Character lag when joining another persons server

    I usually make my own servers because of this specific issue, but as tiring as it is to make my own server, then wait for people to join, I decided to see if I could get any help on this problem. Whenever I join another persons server, although my ping will be low (30-50ms), my characters...
  2. DBZFever

    model not ripped

    "they ripped goku's model! they try to cover their ass by putting "By Entering This Page I Am Accepting The Fact That I Cannot:... 3) Charge Any Of The Staff\Persons Of Stealing, Fraud, Or Anything That Shall Harm Anyone" fortunatly, that wont hold up in any court, period. you cannot...
  3. G

    Map Talk

    this is a thread that i am creating so people can come in here and just give there opions on any map ormaps that they like and if someone doesnot not like the othere persons opion they can challenge them by quoting and giving there opion. Anyways, have fun and dont get to routy i dont want this...
  4. Vengaurd


    hey i finally got i website back up!!!! so for anyone who cares see my sig :D
  5. D

    whats your favorite person(s)?

    the title says enough.. whats your favourite person(s) and why? i have 2. vegeta because he got final flash and that attack is powerful i think. Buu, because if he's evil buu he is VERY fast and the mouth blast rules against peeps who are hiding and sneaking
  6. Skyrider

    adult gohan sound pack

    Gohan sound pack!<--- a SOUND pack for adult gohan! <--- i uploaded the adult sound pack! enjoy! btw, its just a quick site that i maked, its easy, and quick *edit* this isnt a really perfect site, only a few downloads a hour for a few persons, that why i...
  7. |Da|K|

    More new sigs...

    Ok guyz i just made some new sigs...... tell me wat u think..... without border.... with... Thx for the idea Ryoko ;)