1. R

    What is up, peeps?

    I used to be on this forum for long amounts of time, generally haunting the Suggestions forum with either suggestions of my own or comments on other suggestions, but disappeared for a while. Now I'm back to see what's new! :D
  2. M

    Heres a idea...

    Well just a thought, (i dont want them) but What if someone model like mortal combat peeps etc scopian, sub zero, etc
  3. A

    Bomber Man!!

    I was wondering if someone could make a bomber man model, then I coould skin, or some one else, or maybe even the person that made teh model. We can make it replace GOhan and maybe get Shijing to make some sprites.
  4. G

    Yo peeps when is new beta comin out??

    When is the new beta coming out?? and is it gonna be available on the site?? (man what a stupid question):id:
  5. S

    Can any one send me the sound file!

    hi peeps.. i realy need the sound file a carnt stand this one lol
  6. T

    hello all

    ey peeps im new in the esf forums but i played it afcourse :) well im a learning modeleren and pro art designer i can need some help with modeling so if u are trying to help me just replay here thx.
  7. GotenksOwnz

    Some1 help me with photoshop plz :D

    I have been useing paintshop pro but peeps say photoshop was better so i *aqquired* it but its all new and i get lost. So wat i want to know is.. 1. Wat do i click to get a good backround patten on a new layer. 2. How do i add my pic to the backround. 3. Any web sites which could help. 4...
  8. Loki

    Another Wallpaper Request

    Yah you all know the drill color preferably BLUE This time I want a Chobits wallpaper, those of you who dont know what it is go buy the manga. Oh one more thing im very picky so you should show me the BG before you modify pictures and stuff. Im kinda pointing towards the style in my sigs just...
  9. K

    New Psych Sig

    Better than my old one? Naw, i didn't think so either. but it is kewlios!!!
  10. A

    thank u all

    thank u all the noobs that harrased azn and made him cancle his pack , thank u all i was waiting for it more then anything else , but thank you all , no really , im really greatfull for this oh and where can i get a good ssj3 skin ?
  11. PiXel

    how? how can i ....

    how??? how can i make perfeckt models in milkshape models ??? please tell me it.
  12. B

    Mystic Gohan in ssj form This yall i made!SO THIS DOEN"T MEAN THAT I NEED TO GIVE THAT MODELER CREDIT WELL I AM SOON I GONNA him GIVE 50$ Bucks
  13. J

    Vegeta request

    I'm no good at modeling, so I wanted to know if someone would mind making an USSJ Vegeta out of the ESF model. I'd try myself, but I've got no idea where to begin by the way, I'm new, I just downloaded the mod 3 days ago, I've been looking for an USSJ Vegeta, but no luck. I succesfully...
  14. M

    ok peeps instructions for fmod fix

    ok guys i got step for u guys who dont understand 1. go to the sticky thread with fmod 2. right click on the url for fmod and click copy shotcut 3. now you have that done, now open your halflife directory 4. once you have that done c:/sierra/halflife somthing like that 5. delete the old...
  15. C

    I need a SIG !!

    hi ESF peeps, i have a question who want to make for me a TEKKEN sig. i want a TEKKEN sig because i'm a huge fan of TEKKEN :yes: i hope someone will make that for me ! if you want to sent me an e-mail this is my e-mail adress: [email protected] :notice: :D
  16. I

    Torsomaking tut works!!!!!
  17. N

    can u make me a....

    SSJ4 gogeta... i know i posted this b4 but noone tried so im hoping taht someone might actually try this time...
  18. Loki

    Vegetto Model

    Hey i was wondering if anyone could make a vegetto model that would be soooo cool!
  19. GLOsticks R Us

    YATTA-GLO is back! YATTA!

    Hey peeps of the forums, GLO is back and with the FORUM MISFITS and a funny japanese boy band video singing their new hit "YATTA!" Anyways check both of them out and tell meh what ya think, and um.... YATTA! :shocked: -"GLO"
  20. OneWingedAngel

    Sig help!

    what is everything i need to make a good sig like android and judge!? like everythin every file i need! please tell