1. sub

    Pay tribute to Spunky on his day of birth

    Do it now.
  2. Chakra-X

    1990s Channel 4 Pay Per View

    Any Americans here remember when you had to change the channel to channel 04 or 03 to play a video game? Well channel 04 always had trailers for movies coming to Pay-Per-View and had background music play with a scrolling "Pay Per View" text in the background. I am reaaaaally trying to find a...
  3. The Deco

    Quick internet money: Click to read email, pay to click, stuff like that.

    Alright I just noticed this thing lately and it looks to me like it works, not all of it are scheme but this is what I was assigned to: 1) 3 Different payed to fill a survey site - waiting 3 days for a survey to do already! 2) 4 Different paid to read E-mail advertisements today but I...
  4. K

    Do You Have To Pay To Play This Game?

    i wanna knwo if u have to pay to play plz tell me
  5. VideoJinx

    Pay Close Attention

    Okay this is something I'm so very glad I found on my desktop today. I thought many of you may want to hear this. Keep in mind that this audio was created in the 1970's, the things you'll hear will completel be relevant AND ontop of that, you may hear about certain technology that you...
  6. J-Dude

    Why does MS3d make you pay???

    Hey, I just thought I'd go out on a limb here and ask why-tf people call Milkshape freeware and how "everybody" has it if they make you pay an outrageous $25 fee to use it after 30 days??? We all know noobs don't pay for things, so how come all the noobs seem to use this program forever??? I...
  7. E

    Looks like someone didn't pay their dues

    Well well...It looks like someone didn't pay their dues over at DBZ Hood. The sites down. What happened? Bandwidth problems, not paying for the server, or just closure, or perhaps Maintenance time?
  8. Rocky

    Avenger...You'll pay for this outrage.

    Thats right, you may have fluked a victory over Magus, but there is no way I will let you defeat me. You think you can make a mockery of Satan's legion of followers, you will pay for your insolence. Fight me, or are you too scared? I request Cuc to ref this battle, not only is he at the top...
  9. C

    Pay 100 Dollars a Month for DIAL up...I dont think so?STOP THIS NONSENSE

    TELKOM - Most expensive ISP In the intire WORLD. And is the only one in South Africa. Telkom,A south african surface provider.(Only one currenlty in south africa)charges 6 times MORE then what is charged overseas. Please if you have time please take 5 seconds and just fill in your...
  10. L

    place for mods

    hay everyone sry i know ur pissed cuz of all these postes made by me but got idea i was wondering if all of u good modelers like nuttzy,slander,and dawg ect. (not sure if all of them model just they know all about it so) u can make ur own site on aol home town for free and dont even have to have...
  11. Ace_69

    Model Programs

    I'm looking into making my own models, can anyone tell me where to get some programs on the net? Thanks.
  12. D

    this is my first real attempt

    ok im workin on my very first REAL attempt messing around in MSPAINT!, so sry if this sucks, ill post it in a little bit, plz dont say it sucks horribly, i know that ill be back on in a bit edit: k maybe not, i might hit the hay. itll be up 2marrow most likly, if i remember it
  13. G

    Pay your tribute to the demon lord ^^

    Ladiiiiieeeeeeees and Gentlemeeeeeeeeen let's give him a warmly welcome, his evilness, demon lord piccolo. Ok ok lets get serious ^^ i've started with a new model and its piccolo (with hat and cape) so i want your critz again ppl. worktime about 2 hours again :p here ya go: Front view...
  14. Stanz

    EPT Logo, Help?

    Is there anyone out there that can help me design a new logo for EPT like maybe something that brings out the DBZ look? I was thinking of having some text that had the like super saiyan aura around it and maybe some electricity going accross it that would look cool, I did some simple text in...
  15. S

    is gmax dumb?

    i dont understand... gmax i cant open mdl files if you dont know how to do please tell another program than milkshape3 and gmax
  16. H

    I'll pay 1k bucks

    Can anybody give me the dedicated server 1.1 b?? (linux) or tell me how to fix the crash in 1.0b :confused:
  17. HitmanXtreme

    I've got a Problem

    Everytime when I start I'm stucking in the ground and I must beam myself out before I can play.
  18. P

    modeling with 3dsmax

    is it possible to model/export with 3dsmax? what are the polycount restrictions? Any tutorials? I would have searched for this b4 i posted, but considering "3ds" is only 3 chars. i couldnt :-p
  19. Z

    need for modlers and mappers ($)

    hy i need some good modlers im making a rpg kind of game with all the dbz poeple in it i need good modlers animators and mappers for q3 ( its on the same engine) (if your models are realy good and so on you wil ofcourse get $ ) anny one up fore the chalenge :rolleyes: p.s you may not...
  20. SSj Goten

    Chibi Trunks

    Here is the most commonly wanted model ChibiTrunks!..... u can edit it if u want just send me the model back to my email or my aim Credits:Original Gohan Maker: 35% Original Trunks Maker: 35% LiL_Gohan:35%