1. Killface

    Pat Robertson is a ****ING beast! Yah, i just heard about this, and i think its bull. Im leg pressing 650 right now, and im gonna hopefully hit 850-950 in June. discuss please.
  2. Rayos

    Pat Morita aka Mr. Miagi aka Old asian man NOOOOOOOO, no way
  3. Z

    photoshop 7.0 patterns

    is there a way to get more patterns?
  4. R@!D3R

    Metro-Tek's Sig

    Wow... This one took like 2 hours. I hope you all love it :) Color is a little different but I liked it. Well?
  5. GotenksOwnz

    Some1 help me with photoshop plz :D

    I have been useing paintshop pro but peeps say photoshop was better so i *aqquired* it but its all new and i get lost. So wat i want to know is.. 1. Wat do i click to get a good backround patten on a new layer. 2. How do i add my pic to the backround. 3. Any web sites which could help. 4...
  6. Phobius

    Phob's new look.

    Well check out my new sig and avatar done by the one and only Ryoko my best buddy. :D /me snuggles up to ryoko and never lets go.
  7. Ryoko

    Ryoko - Chilled Perception

    Latest wallpaper. Didn't spend too long on it and I kinda got stuck with what to add ~_~ Comments or critism welcome.
  8. Messiah Daz

    New Sig Crits

    Well what do you guys think of my new sig? Comments please
  9. Vegito1180


    How Do I Make A Grid On My Sig?
  10. E

    Prowler- 's art thread

    Well...I'll try to update here allot and post new art .... Here is some stuff I just made for Dragonmod Central admin ( M A T R I X ) Avatar Sig
  11. owa

    Photoshop 7 Help!

    Hey, Well I'm tryign to make a character thing like the one for Red sayin (well not liek it my own made up character just somthing like SPiN| Created) you lal know what I'm talking about right? its I guess you could say Redsayin's Mascot :p But ok I wanna know if there is a way to make a...
  12. GhostfaceKillah

    Adobe Photoshop 5.0LE help!!

    hey, im kinda new to sig makin and i was readin some tutorials on how to make custom patterns and whatnot. it says u hafta got to Edit>Define Pattern, but in my version of photoshop, it doesnt have anything about patterns, i tried searchin the help about custom patterns but i cudent find...
  13. Q

    My new project

    My New Image well I just finished a cool pic that I was working on (well i think its cool anyways) tell me what u think everyone<br>