1. Growler

    New Digital Painting

    Used Wacom Bamboo tablet, pen, and photoshop
  2. Growler

    New Painting - Drummer

    Whaddya think?
  3. Deathshot

    Gmod Painting

    So I decided to try to start pixel painting in Gmod. For my first try, I did something easy and went with a Classic.
  4. L

    Oil pastel painting

    hey guys, haven't posted any new pictures in a while. you guys may remember me from my "Man of Steel" charcoal picture. here's my first progress and i will post a update later today or tomorrow
  5. Gama

    Fate/Stay Painting

    Decided to start painting again on photoshop (been a while since iv done it) and deicded to try and repaint this picture: and my progess so far: think I did way 2 fine details on the eyes so I might remove them later or try to do them more painty
  6. I

    Landscape painting:)

    didn't paint in a while now so i gave it a 1hour go all made in photoshop...
  7. I

    Skeleton painting

    I rly like what i came out with this time:D
  8. Theoboy

    Painting surfaces?

    I have question: How do I paint the surfaces on brushes? I think you know what I mean. (Like this instead of this.) So therefore I really hope there is someone there can help me.
  9. Growler

    Kill Bill - Painting

    Go-Go - Painting Worked about 1 hour and 45 minutes on it. Started off as a speed painting, but I got too much into it
  10. M

    My first painting in PS....[W.I.P]

    Here's my first attempt at a drawing.its supposed to be gohan,i know not much is done,but i'll try to finish it.
  11. Linda

    comments on apocyliptic world painting

    well... i had a request from someone to do a guy in an apocolyptic world. i decided id do it sort of monocrhomatic. heres the first....... kind of inappropriate comments so dont read them if u dont like stuff like that..... heh. and here's the second work in progress, about an hour...
  12. Rebirah

    Night Elf painting I know it's not very good, but it's my best attempt! I know most of you are gonna be like, 'Wtf this is useless.' Half the reason I posted this is because I would like to see some of the people on the forums attempt at this!
  13. NinJa HunteR

    Painting Program?

    Hi, Is there any good free painting program out there? (no shareware) Cuz i'm planning on Buying Photoshop in the near future but until then.... Thanks.
  14. SuperDragonFist

    Spray painting in esf?

    ....the title says it all....can you spray paint your logos in esf? if you can could you post the bind to do it. Thanks in advance.
  15. TimTheEnchantor

    Finished Painting..

    Here it is..
  16. S

    Spray Painting Images Help

    I seen some guy in a server i think spray painting images on the wall and was wondering if anyone knew how to do it?!? :]
  17. P

    Finger Painting

    if tat doesnt work go to: crits comments? the name sux i already kno dat and yes this is 100% me.. no tuts no nothing and just barely any filters
  18. M

    New digital painting- Ashes-t1

    I made another digital painting that took me a few weeks. I made it entirely on photoshop 6.0, and i was inspired by my favorite movie {terminator 1 and 2....3 was good, but not as great as the first 2} Anyways, heres the link--->
  19. HyperSaiyaman

    Supreme Kai

    I found this model lost in the deepest forums long time ago i reskinned it i converted to beta 1.1, credits are not given cuz i dont know who made so i didnt put anything well here the pic:
  20. Mistery X

    Saiyan Crusades Chibi Tunks WIP

    Here is what I've got so far.. gona make the rest of the arms soon and the hair to.. ssj and normal.. tell me what u guys think OH and I have a new website thats what I havnt been online much ^_^