1. Amitron

    Non-Spy(Ad)ware Filled P2P Help

    Ok, so i've been considering getting some kind of p2p program (i.e Kazaa, Napster), but i'm a little hesitant. I don't want my computer flooded with Spy and Adware. I want a program like this as I am considering asking for an mp3 player or an ipod for christmas(do ipods work with regular p2p...
  2. X

    Best P2P Software?

    I just wanted to see what is the best P2P software in you opinion. :)
  3. Optimus Prime

    More RIAA p2p news.

    Well, I was reading into this, and it appears as if it may not be as bad as it seems (at least from my point of view). Apparently the RIAA will only file lawsuits for people sharing "substantial" amounts of copyrighted material, however no number was given for what would qualify for a...
  4. M

    warning p2p program users

    its finally happened, *sighs, anyone (i think that includes anyone in the world) that own p2p programs are now being watch and will get fined $1000 if caught download copyrighted songs. the only way it seeems you can get caught is if you download anything off the network. i use kazaa lite...
  5. GoldSaiyan

    Ragnarok going P2P

    Those who plays Ragnarok, are you going to continue to play even though you must pay for it? Almost 65% of the players is going to quit, maybe more. I'm not sure about paying, I'll ask some people if they can make public or private servers.