1. Eclipse

    Max ownz Maya

    In a SHOCKING move today Autodesk (the creators of 3D Studio Max) purchased Alias (the creators of Maya) for $182 million dollars. The news articles are here: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?id=5970886&siteID=123112 http://features.cgsociety.org/story.php?story_id=3166 I...
  2. N

    More of my GFX

    Here's an original idea of mine - Booting up my sig :) one of my fav splashes, Akuma trapped in my ice renders :) And my latest, a battle against my friend Enjoy.
  3. S

    trunks when he went back to his time

    im made this cuz i was bored and tired of animating (hmm... where have i heard this before). its trunks when he went back into his time. i made this in like ten mins. credits to Xstortionist Mastasurf Turk and black raidan.
  4. Mr. Satans

    HLEB Mod Models -- So Far

    Hey! I was bored and seeing how Glenn (One Of The HLEB Modelers Who Is On Dees Forums As Well) has been losing his stuff all the time I decided to make some models for the mod, now remember, I SUCK AT MODELING! If you can keep that in mind, you may proceed >> Mr. Satan's EB Model Thread
  5. R

    Some stuff I did while my internet was down....

    :D I finally got my internet back,and a few days before I've done some smilies that might be sorta boring,but what the heck,there's of course one you'll dont wanna miss,some of them on this forum already,or not needed....but anyways....:D <img...
  6. Lone Wolf


    I made this thing...... my 2nd attemp to make landscape with 3dsm... 3rd thing I actually made with the program I made some after this.... but they look to *** and embarrasing to show... It was based on a tut... but i only read the first few steps.... The sky is from a render in Bryce... since...
  7. T

    My clan ownz!

    U may think it sucks TZF........But its very good u wanna take a tryout if ur good enough`?:laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: But ya we're very good:cool: :cool:
  8. fatmanterror

    New Project for Bored Skinners

    well ive seen lately some skinners have been bored and looking for models to practice one, well ive got one for ya, and a non dbz one at that, if anybody is interested in this one i will put the .ms3d file up for dl. here is the ref pic that i went by...
  9. NightShade

    GtaVC Ownz You

    This is more of a taunt to hibiki really. But I feel bad for anyone that does not have this game. One of my friends is 16 and his mom walked in on him making love in the car. The action packed sounds did not help him out that much heh. The game rocks, being i hated gta3 cause of the lack of...
  10. Ryoko

    A joint effort...

    Well, me and The_Stinger put our collective heads together and came up with a joint wallpaper. Can you give us opinions and er.. stuff here.
  11. A

    goku i drew

    my goku kame hame yo ass foo!
  12. S

    The New Goku model

    I don't know if this belongs here, but does anyone else think the new Goku's face looks kinda... fat? I just thought he was a little Chubby is all. Everything else is fine.
  13. I

    Trunks saiyan armor

    here gimme some comments http://www.freewebz.com/iconz/trunksmodel1.jpg http://www.freewebz.com/iconz/trunksmodel2.jpg
  14. M

    You asked for it and here it is 4 Hours later!

    Ok I spent about 4 hours today on making a SSJ3 Goku which was requested by a couple of the Forum members. Its 988 Polys (pretty good gues huh?), they only critt I can see that I will be getting is that the hair might not be long enough for some people but I've only used 1 picture as reference...
  15. OneWingedAngel

    Sig help!

    what is everything i need to make a good sig like android and judge!? like everythin every file i need! please tell
  16. S

    DragonModZ OWNZ!

    BAhahahahah. Just wanted to say that I think that its cool how you guys put alot of work into your mod, but I think you guys should link up with dragonmodZ. If you work togeather you can make a much better mod then both of them combined! SithBob
  17. J

    Deverz, your sig is done, it ownz!!!!

    here it is: <img src="http://www.ffweb.barrysworld.net/deverz.jpg">
  18. J

    damn this sig ownz!!

    it's for Mirai USSJ. it's damn pretty, i think my most beautiful work ever <img src="http://www.ffweb.barrysworld.net/MiraiUSSJsig.jpg">
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