1. H

    video code for div overlay

    can someone help me how am I going to put the code into my div overlay. I've tried so many time but the youtube code just won't work on div but when I try the traditional layout it seems fine again.....weird does youtube and myspace not supportting any 3rd party layout like bbz overlay but...
  2. X

    Windows XP Overlay?

    Hey Guys! I'm currently trying to search for a overlay for XP just don't know what it is called (not windowblinds) but something like Blackbox for Windows 98. Anybody who knows a really nice good stylish (3d animated) overlay?
  3. Wangster

    sorry for english

    well, i supose this belongs in artwork part since its about art. there is 1 thing i really dont understand, and dont know how. you guys r always talking about blending in an image, and i dont know what bleding is.... so could someone tell me what it actually is, and how to do it, i got...
  4. DaMan

    I made a aura

    Here is what I did to Goku some kinda aura Comments and critz welcome, but no FLAMING
  5. S

    skinning question

    is there any way to just shade something a different color without screwing up the detail. and i have photostudio and paint shop pro 7.
  6. A

    Enhance Your Images (Photoshop Tutorial)

    Enjoy.. Any questions.. Post them in here..
  7. Death The Jedi

    1st wallpaper ever

    Here is the first wallpaper I've ever made, tell me what you think.
  8. U

    a skin i made

    okay this is a begginner skin okay i just made it
  9. SSJ n00b


    LOOK ME CLOWN VEGETA http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/ssjn00b/clown.jpg
  10. GotenksOwnz

    Little pic help plz

    Yo me again lol OK i am getting the hang on PSP and nerely there as you will see my sig at the end of this post. I would like to know how to remove the back round from a pic so i am left with the person i want on my sig in the end. Or should i use Photoshop to do this. Also when i am making my...
  11. VivaLaPineapple

    i need a critque

    well my first 3ds max/photoshop sig what u think? any suggestions for future? fonts/ 3d design/character ect..