1. Dokutayuu

    Favourite Anime Openings

    It's not terribly lively in here so I guess a thread wouldn't hurt. Claymore got me into Nightmare ^^. The song's pretty fitting.
  2. Mastasurf

    ESF Development Openings

    Recent additions to ESF like the particle fx system and high poly maps have called for some new positions on the development staff. This is a great opportunity to work alongside one of the longest standing teams in the mod community. If you're intersted in contributing please read over the job...
  3. L


    recently the inuyasha mod's creator abandoned the mod and now is being taken over by myself, osamaheadhunter and the remaining members of the mod. Any help is great but we especially need a coder. Contact me at Chlorophyl? More like... BOROPHYL!!!
  4. Jarrstin

    ESF Fanatics Opens!!!!!! We need staff and other openings...

    I finally got the site up. *link editted* Right now, it's pretty generic. But I need staff. I have a huge list of the types of people I need for the site such as Graphic Artists, web designers, modelers, moderators, and way more. The idea of the site is to heavily promote the ESF...
  5. N

    <{WoC}> Openings!

    Hey fellow Canadians! We got openings in our clan <{WoC}>! If you want to join go to (URL removed) and ask in the forums! All you need to be is canadian and maybe a bit of skill! so plz join! :D