1. Mkilbride

    Airlines to offer In-Flight Porn. Welp...that's...really weird. I mean...a user would just bring their own along if they wanted...and who would honestly porn...or ask the stewardess for it...or...I don't even know, but lol.
  2. Mkilbride

    LIMITED TIME OFFER: BATTLEFIELD 3 pre-order 25% off!

    Friends shot. I still kind of want to get it on Steam, but @ 15$ off? That's pretty good(Or really, 5$ off as games are supposed to be 50$.)
  3. Optimus Prime

    Lol, Job Offer

    Just got the call, Dominion General Insurance wants to hire me. But the plot thickens, I just got back today from a really strong interview with John Hancock/Manulife Financial, they told me I should be hearing from them within the next couple of days. But ultimately if my biggest problem...
  4. veqeta

    HAHA funny thing i saw on youtube :P :GOKU's OFFER

    i was watching some random videos on youtube and this one made me laugh thought i should share it with you all. enjoy...
  5. P

    Question and offer

    First question, why my esf 1.2.3 game is crashing, i mean i shot beam or something like that and screen hang out.What the problem is maybe graphic card i have Redeon 9550. ANd offer, i on other week beginning supplie to any projects, clans or and for people free forums, forums all is tested...
  6. M

    Free Xbox 360 Offer

    Just wanted to pass along an offer to all of you. A few of my friends got a free 300 dollar iPod this way last year, so it's real. Use this link if you're interested: *Link Removed* You have to sign up, complete an offer, and get 8 of your friends to do the same. After you sign up you can just...
  7. H

    Could anybody offer some server addresses?

    Could anybody offer some server addresses? thanks!
  8. T

    Dragon Ball : Last Bout.... Goku

    heres the battle damaged non ssj goku for dragon ball last bout mod ( if anyone is interested) tell me whatcha think, after this there will be ssj version then non battle damaged versions ill post them here too... and if u cant read the pic, skin by me, model by gjohn or aka [J]...
  9. R

    Frontpage Somehelp? - offer

    K, I'm the leader of the clan -|DS|- Dark Saiyen. Some of you may no me some of you may not. I need some help with frontpage. I don't know how to use it really, I know the basics - that's it. I was wondering, if anyone would like to assist me and completing my new clan website. Also helping me...
  10. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Female Base Model

    heres something i whipped up in the last hour, its still a wip just need to know what you think :)
  11. S

    .mdl decompilers

    does anyone know where i can get one so i can start trying to do edits, or is there some other way of doing it?
  12. S

    Model Help Needed ! Smd File Prob

    Hey There, I need some serious help with a model, I am currently in Milkshape with my *.ms3d file, added the skin and now I need to export it, so I can make a mdl model from it... The export doesn't work and gives me the following error: " Found Vertex With Invallid Bone Assignment !" I...
  13. TimTheEnchantor

    An offer to TFC and Vampire Slayer players..

    I will duel anyone here in a tfc/vs competition. I want to see who can beat me, because no one has yet. Anyone up for it? *mods: this aint spam rofl, i want to have some competition in the forum... i am not saying im the best, but everyone i have come across in a duel, has lost.. I...
  14. O

    Offer FREE Hosting

    OK,i still see there many People here got some Problems during hosting a Picture,Models,Soundpacks and all this or have damned **** Hosting Sites. I allready have a good FTP for myself with 85MB of limited Webspace (Who ever wants to know,its a Strato Web Hosting). Since i give up starting...
  15. ZuL

    ZuL Statue

    I made a statue of my comic book character, my best work ever actually. I was hoping you would like how it looks, cuz i need crits...
  16. Pommy

    New sig

    I made another sig, I don't like it better then my current one but what do you think? <img src=> *edit this is the updated version *edit Please post feedback:D
  17. Kman3252

    Free sig

    well heres a sig i made if anyone wants it. i will add in your name i know its not good i wiped it up in 2mins but ya
  18. freeportpretz22

    Making Models

    Maybe if some would help me get started on models, I got milkshape 3d, and HL model viewer (not sure if I need that tho) Well if anyone wants to help let me know! P.S. My AIM is DavisC6590 and My ICQ is 157948594
  19. Yui Sakura

    My lineart

    well there it is... C&C if ya want... btw, no references were used except for #17, and even then he still sucks. [edit] sorry about the double post. i completely forgot about :p if you could plz delete my above post or something to sort it all out? *No problem. I'm not lazy and...
  20. D

    Skinning to the fullest!

    Hey if any one (hopefully) in Esf or anyother part would like me to do some skinning jobs on models i offer my help. I cant model but if you were to make a model and show the designated places were a skins art should go i can do it. Let me know just offerin'