o or

  1. A

    New siggy o/

    K here's my new siggy! Hope you guys like it. And if you barely see a border, it's there, you can barely see it though.
  2. Kaination

    Mortal Kombat, Guild Wars, and Rainbow six sigs o/

    Well, tell me if you like them or not. Also, any idea how i can blend the MK sig together?
  3. Kaination

    My first sig evah, WIP o/

    Zomg, my first siggeh Yeah it sucks, and its still in progress. I gotta figure out scan lines and good text and stuff. Anyone know any good fonts?
  4. Suh Dude

    DOD:Source... on monday o/

    I can't wait to play DOD: Source on monday! I think i'll be playing this more than CZ if I like it. =\
  5. DJ-Ready

    Starship Troopers Game o/

    Anyone played it yet? Its nothing too special besides the fact that you kill like 1000000 bugs per human XD but its fun as hell and the (original/first/whatsoever) movie owned o/ So if you like shooting a ****LOAD of bugs, go get the demo :D http://www.starshiptroopers-game.com/ and...
  6. Enix

    Planet art O/

    One of my first planet pieces, hope you like it: here is an unfinished one I did yesterday:
  7. J

    Final Fantasy: Advent Children. release o/

    in 6 days, advent children is set for a worldwide release!!! who's excited?!
  8. G

    Back from the future ! o/

    Truuuuunksssssssss. Well , since EVM pack decided to use some of my old skin on their released trunks, (which I wasen't credited for by the way), I decided to do them a favor by making a new Trunks, with better skin this time! Don't ask me who to credit for the model, I have no clue how many...
  9. A

    Happy Bday MSR o/

    Happy bday you little t... I mean buddy. You get some random asian female because you're asian! o/
  10. A

    BTK Captured! o/

    Well I was watching the news and was hearing alot of stuff about hte BTK man. He was finnaly caught.
  11. Suh Dude

    SPAWN o/

    c&c =O!
  12. A

    NEw PTW! o/

    The new PTW looks awesome! It looks like Super Buu. It looks better then Vassagos if it's his or edited or a new one :P
  13. A

    Happy Bday Stryker! o/

    Happy birthday esf_stryker. I hope you have a good day.
  14. Enix

    Puppeh ftw O/

    Just another model with no concept and no thought put into it :P, I was bored and i wanted to do a puppeh ;o. 898 polys O/
  15. A

    Happy Bday Cuceh o/

    Happy BDay dude o/
  16. Kaination

    My first actual DBZ character ever o/

    well, it took 3 days (about 3 hours in total) and i worked on it at night Remember, this is my first attempt at DBZ kinda style of art. \o/ personally, i think it turned kick ass. also, dont comment about the hands, i know they suck :S edit: just to let some of you know, he's my...
  17. Optimus Prime

    Happy Birthday [S]ex face o/

    Happy 17th buddddddddeh, almost old enough to hit the clubs with me =P.
  18. DJ-Ready

    Domino Day ftw o/

    http://www.toey.de/link.php?id=5140 haha XD ... funny idea...
  19. Cold Steel

    Happy birthday DT o/

    I'm really short on cash, so I recycled an old cake :( Happy birthday, and have a blast.
  20. Diablos

    diablos' art kinda style thread thing ~ wooo o/

    Here you go opty, prepare for much spammage XD And to start, i shall summon a daemon! Grahhgh 2 hrs speedy mo-fo paint type thing. I nicked the idea for the pose, so there.