o or

  1. Enix

    Krillin O/ [released]

    ------------ RELEASED ------------ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [older] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v293/raiko1/krillin_render.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v293/raiko1/SP32-20060730-233629.png
  2. Kaination

    postal 2 o/

    I say, someone mentioned this game in some thread and I decided to download the demo. Fell in love with the demo and got the game and I have to say IT FREAKING PWNS o/ What's your opinion on it? (no spoilers plz)
  3. Spunky

    Boredom o/

    The font on the name is daedric (For those who play TES). And the daedric text is my old name, Amnestometh. For some reason, the "y" on the font doesn't work, so I couldn't put Spunky on there. The font on the top is Blazed. The render is my actual character (He's a vampire / Dark Brotherhood...
  4. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Happy birthday Belgium and Davidskiwan o/

    Yup, today it's the 21st of juli (over here it is anyway).. The birthday (read: start of the kingdom) of Belgium :o 175 years old ftw o/ And happy birthday Davidskiwan! 19 years old ftw \o Not so free beer, fries and chocolat for you all.. No waffles or sprouts though.
  5. Spunky

    Jessica Alba Isn't Actually Naked Because If She Was This Would Be Closed By Now o/

    http://www.winterrowd.com/alba/ ZOMG SO HAWT!
  6. Hamppu

    POTW! o/

    awesomeness! krillins ass is getting poowned :3
  7. |Overlord|

    Post your Desktop o/.

    Title says all Time to post yours =P.
  8. |Overlord|

    Cucumba is my bish o/

    Happy 30th Birthday Cucumba o/. Get drunk, get very drunk.
  9. |Overlord|

    Show off your desktop o/

    Title says all. /ram usage.
  10. |Overlord|

    Desktop Time o/

    My memory saving desktop ftw o/. Also have a lot of taskbar space :).
  11. Spunky

    Banner o/

    Here's my board banner, for my TSRP (The Specialists Role Play) server. What do you guys think?
  12. A

    Official Guild Wars Thread o/

    Since I'm into Guild Wars again, I decided to make a thread about it. Talk anything about guildwars :p i r show my images http://sean.minionempire.com/images/sean1.jpg ^me level 3 http://sean.minionempire.com/images/sean2.jpg ^me getting ran to lions arch...
  13. A

    ejeet forum game o/

    kay since i r bored i decided to make a forum game kekeke kay so we r like vote for people so it's like majinyou or cucumba ;o i r start~ whos more filthy coedman or kurt
  14. A

    Official Tshirt hell thread O/

  15. Robby

    Gallery updates o/

    w00t! links: http://www.esforces.com/?p=gallery&gp=galnew Models and stuff This has been up for somewhat a long time and it shows some really shweet stuff none the less. I mean it's been up since december :O I wonder if anyone noticed... anyway check 'em.
  16. Kaination

    Official Video Thread o/

    Well, every once in a while, someone finds something on google vids and has to post it in a new thread, so this is it :o. I found these pokemon things. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4104414698313466751&q=pokemon ^Thats ****ing cool, and funny...
  17. J


    for those who've read the books Eragon, and the newest in the trilogy, Eldest. theyve confirmed a lot of the cast for the first movie! Cast Member Character Edward Speleers Eragon Chris Egan Roran Jeremy Irons Brom John Malkovich Galbatorix Djimon...
  18. J

    a REAL thread about tits YO o/

    http://www.comingsoon.net/trailers/doa/ hell, you know whether that has a story or not, your damned well gonna see it! o/
  19. J

    OptiPrime for world president o/

    vote now, yes or no o/ Optimus Prime for president \o/
  20. Hamppu

    o/ or o// !! which one will take the victoryness

    Im now having an little war about o/ and o// with raisu ;D ;D so now, which one will take the win? .. o// poownz btw ^^