1. The Deco

    Music: some numbers

    Carry on my wayward son - Kansas First 3 most viewed videos - around around 19 million views Rihanna- whats my name Only first video - 161 million views Led...
  2. Disguise

    Discussion of Numbers

    I've been considering the relations between numbers and how they affect other factors. I'll keep this simple and open to feedback. Topics: 1.) Natural Regeneration vs Cost 2.) Maximum Capacity 1.) Natural Regeneration or Drain has the highest influence on all factors of the game play...
  3. Solent

    Numbers of the powers

    Well Actually some powers are in numbers like 6,7,8 And i thing they are very far of the other keys May be thats powers can be in the RBT of the powers like 4,5 For example, in goku, the kameha torpetedo can be in the number of kameha whit the RBT actually if you need do a kameha torpedo...
  4. S

    Port Numbers

    For Christmas i got a computer i install ESFand i also got a internet adaptor too. but since it was installed i cannot create servers anymore. i called the router company and they said i needed to find the port number for it but thats the problem i cant find the port number at all can anyone...
  5. W

    the almost lest time of help. and i done. plz.

    ok sup all?! look now i got milkshape 1.5.7 ! :) well look i wanted to edit a gohan model soo i download MDL file of gohan. i put it in a floder name gohan in the dekstop and inside the floder i got gohan.mdl thet i want to edit him. now i go to ms and push tools>half life> decompile normal...
  6. Trov

    Meh, Just wondering about the numbers...

    Meh, don't know why, but I'm interested in how much KI(In numbers) is in, for example, a 1 mil character and does it increase only by transformation or does it increase when you gain more powerlevel. I also wonder if turbo have any affect in a melee fight and beams. I wondering if turbo makes...
  7. Wangster

    second wp ( not 3d)

    i just made a wp, i know that the right side is stil empty, can someone tell me with wath to fill it op?? any crits? thnx! edit: srry pic is availeble now ;)
  8. Mr.Bugskin

    Full Dbz Numbers

    Well here is a list that i made and took me hours it tooks me yesterday and today. heres the list of all the dbz episodes and these r not links to the videos! Dbz Episode List ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 001. A Sheltered Boy: My...
  9. Kerozeyetzev

    Beta numbers

    When the beta does get around to coming out is there an estimated amount of people who are going to be rushing to download it and play? I mean like wont there be a whole lot of fans drooling on their keyboard when day of release arrives? Is there any plan as to how to deal with this? just a...
  10. Lt.Zack

    hey can you give me some server numbers

    I need some servers to play online with ESF ?
  11. T

    Does any one know any US server IP numbers

    Im looking for any IP numbers i can cause my filter does not work on my HL so i cant find any servers for ESF and i really want to play with other people:tired: