1. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Perfect cell tread #2

    Perfect cell tread #2 wip because the prev tread of p cell was closed becuse of ........ , i m making a scond one for tweek , i v mange to do the botom part when the stomach connects the legs OK made back , torso al most done now , looks good , starting to finish back <object...
  2. D.C. Darkling

    modeling with MShape... Notes

    Hya all.. So ya got milkshape huh? trial, normal, whatever.. ya got it.. and now you want to model. First I suggest to read this little site: If you did that you got a basic concept. Now before we start we want to deside if we make a new...
  3. |Da|K|

    MY gundam WALLPAPER

    this is my Gundam wall paper that i made tell me wat u think *i kno font sucks*
  4. D

    just a few lil notes about esf

    first off GREAT job on the game..i know you guys have been getting alot of flame even though you guys obviously put so much time and thought into this. :rolleyes: anywayz, i know you said dont write anything more about the dragonballs but i thought id throw this some maps where there...
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