1. DJ-Ready

    New map for the beta finished ^^

    Ok, ive just finished s2k_greattournament for the beta ... it was made in a kind of contest .. my an a friend betted that i can do a good map in 7 hours (+ compile time) ... and .. i think its good ^^ check it out on in the downloads section ^^
  2. N

    Veggeto art?......

    I couldn't help myself........I'm sorry guys I thaught this was a good picture after i got done with it but i know the coloring is off and the eyes look really wierd...Sorry, Sorry, Sorry,Sorry,Sorry,Sorrrrrrrrry!!!! But now to prisent my feture of...
  3. Ryoko

    The Man Who Moves The Morning

    This isn't a very good representation of Vash The Stampede, aka The $$60 Billion man, aka The Man Who Moves The Morning O_o But I tried it. I found him kinda hard to draw though, and it shows.
  4. S

    how much.....

    ey ESF-TEAM how many models are not finished cuz i think u guys only have to make a models of frieza second form. or are there more models not finished ?
  5. S

    new Saiyan rebirth map.

    hey. there is a new mod called Saiyan rebirth (SR) sr website here come's the pics. (BTW it's using the dmz textures and the in-game shot is also in dmz hud) lagoon pic: WC View: ok this pic is messed but looks good in-game.: ok, n e coments???? and the pics r fuzzyish...
  6. dudeman

    New Map!!!!

    hey guys, i just made a new map... check it out! DOWNLOAD IT HERE!! it's a bunch of mountains, a few lakes, some trees..o_o i hope to see people playing this map on internet... ow and note: this map is better in the beta cuz then the size of it will rox!!
  7. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    i want to make a model or map but i need a program

    i need one thats free
  8. Akira714

    "Red sayjin"

    Well, this is a DMZ skin, BUT.... I was bored so I skined one of the "red sayjins" that Spin has all over his site. Anyways since SPIN moderates on this fourm, and that the DMZ and his fourms are down, this would be the place to post this, also becuase Pcjoe likes to critisise my skinning ;)...
  9. S

    Brolly model?

    No one has attemted this but I can't model, so could someone make a brolly model for me? thanx in advance.
  10. S

    My new sig

    look at my new sig =) its my first ever so dont be to hard on it please rate it whit 5 beeing best and 1 beeing worst...
  11. Deverz


    Moderators can only deal with the forum they are moderators for so Dont PM us asking to delete people cuz it wont happen thats an admins job if you want something done to threads or posts then we are the ones to PM like polls to be changed (you voted wrong) posts to be deleted thread to be...