1. I

    breakdanceing animation

    ..stilll pretty lame.but i am tryiung to make better **** so gom relex on me:D.....heere it is
  2. DJ-Ready

    S2k_Tournament´s firts screenshots

    ok, it´s nearly done. I think the map will be released end of the week. It´s a lil like esf_tournament, but better and bigger! k, here r the screenies: <a href="">Screenie1</a> <a...
  3. I

    Trunks saiyan armor

    here gimme some comments
  4. S

    Young Gohan skin, WIP

    heres an old model done by xstortionist that he gave me along time ago, and i decided to skin it... give some comments i just started...
  5. thor

    Spin i think the red sayain looks cool i love it

    can you make me a desktop wallpaper 800 by 600 just like the banner on the top of your webpage just bigger. and with out the grey border of cause. (i can click on any of the section on your site)
  6. Majin_You

    My first sig [that I made].

    I am not a very good artist, and I don't have anything really good in the way of programs, like Photoshob and Fireworks, but, here it is, my first attempt at a sig. Tell me what you think, keeping in mind what I've said above.
  7. B

    Ssj4 Vegeta, Vegeta Gt, Supervegeta Gt.

    i have made the nexts skins :cell nvl 3, trunk gt and vegeta gt, super vegeta gt and SSJ4 vegeta my e-mail is please enter