1. veqeta

    Anyone know the DBZ newer theme?

    anyone know where i could find it? it sounds a whole lot better than the rock the dragon one in my opinion and was wondering if anyone knew where to find it and the name of it thanks.
  2. Hamppu

    Even newer blocking thing

    so. basicly when u block a generic beam. u just block it and it goes back to the cordination where the shooter did blast it.. just alitte other way.. lol well anyway. what im suggesting is that when u block the beam. u just do the same animation but the beam doesnt go straight back. but just...
  3. Valeska

    newer bleach siggy

    decided to make a new bleach siggy, just simple to the point, how i like sigs.
  4. D

    New(er) Tags

    Check out mah new sigs, before we begin, let's keep in mind, that I did put time into these so I don't wanna hear that I rushed them. Now let me supply some play by play ^^ Not much here, was a request, I think that guy is ugly with his 5-head Putting serious thought into using this...
  5. S

    New Swoop Commands - Newer 1

    Not asking for much but its not likely to be in Beta 1.2 New Swoop - theres gonna be one in beta 1.2 but i think this ones better :P How about u charge it up like beta 1.2 swoop except u chareg it up to full or let go at any time. from there on u build up an aura just like turbo...
  6. L

    making hiei from yu yu hakusho

    here you go
  7. L


    nc_riverside like esf_riverside where it has the river going down the middle off the map and has mountain things around it. has waterfall and stuff... Screen shots,
  8. TwisteR

    i need the 1.1 vegeta

    if there is anybody that had successfully downloaded esf beta 1.1, can you send the vegeta my way? i was editing, then saved without backing up. i would appreciate it if someone helped. and no im not gonna reinstall it. ive had ecough problems today. [email protected]
  9. X

    My WorldCraft...

    Well, I am finishing up a map and I compile it so see what it looks like in game... I see it, then want to get out to make some changes. I close the Run window then WorldCraft goes :no:. I try going back in and MS XP says it has an error or "inconvenience" as they put it with my WorldCraft...
  10. K

    somebody can give me link to latest version of ESF?

    i heard there is a newer virsion for ESF (i have version 1.0)
  11. We$$ide

    need dabura skin

    can someone make a dabura skin?!?!?!?!?! or does it already excists? sorry for my bad english:S
  12. H

    New Kenshin sig

    well I finally got around to making a new sig.. i like it, personally i think it turned out better than my old one.. tell me what you think NEW: OLD: im wondering though if I should make Kenshin's eyes open sooner so it's noticed... ???:]
  13. S

    is there a newer version than beta1 or patches out?

    Because when I tried to play to day it said your esforces is out dated now updating and it didn't update anything and yes I have beta1 someone please help. Thanx:)
  14. Optional


    when i change my map to .dxf and .map it doesnt compile into a .bsp...can any1 help?(im using zoner's compile tools with valve hammer) anyone whats wrong??
  15. GhostfaceKillah

    Adobe Photoshop 5.0LE help!!

    hey, im kinda new to sig makin and i was readin some tutorials on how to make custom patterns and whatnot. it says u hafta got to Edit>Define Pattern, but in my version of photoshop, it doesnt have anything about patterns, i tried searchin the help about custom patterns but i cudent find...
  16. DJ-Ready

    Worldcraft3.4 / Hammer3.4

    What doh ya like more? Worldcraft 3.3 or the new Hammer3.4 (WC 3.4)... i heared that some people have probs with compiling, but on mah chomp H 3.4 takes a good job and i think that hammer3.4 is better than WC 3.3... and you?
  17. S

    Help me out please?

    Hey all Like i put in my post in Modelin im new to this and wanna start doin doin Game Design next year in Uni so can anyone tell me a good program top use? maybe a site to vist please? thanks all c ya's l8r :p