1. S


    Hi there all not played on any steam games for a few years due to fact been playin warcraft but now am back and need some newbie help :P Can anyone help me with admin am only using the create game from menu is it possible ?
  2. S

    I am a newbie

    yes, i know, i am a noob...i might have posted this in the wrong place but i searched all the categories on the forum and this seems to be the best to post: question is simple- Where can i download ECX lol?:fight: so in order to make this work i need the followings? ESF1.2.3 ECX Big...
  3. M

    Totally a newbie..

    I really need to know how to use melee, or get out of an attack. I played against bots (because my connection won't quit kicking me out of games) and I couldn't figure out how to do my melee attacks.... Help, please.
  4. the goose2

    please help i newbie

    do you need to have half live to run esf
  5. I

    help!! stupid newbie here..

    i download esffull1.2.3linux.tar.gz extract to CS:S folder so that become 1 folder CSS/. CSS/.. CSS/cstrike/ CSS/efs/ when i start it's give me error.. [[email protected] EFS]$ ./srcds_run -nomaster -insecure -game esf +map esf_arrival +maxplayers 12 Auto detecting CPU Using SSE2...
  6. D

    several questions from a newbie

    hello I just downloded and run esf :) but have some questions and will be happy if anyone can answer 1) when i create a local server and join that game, my energy increases when i damage enemies, but when i close the game and restart, my gained energy is missing. how can i save my...
  7. B


    i nid client of HL and ESF guid for esf plss help me im a newbie
  8. D

    Newbie need help!

    I just played this game yesterday, I was wondering how u can melee battle? I can't even beat the worst bot, any tips? One last question how do u trainsform?
  9. W

    help i am newbie

    Ok i downloading thae esf 1.2.3 adn what i should do than?is this is sa some server or somethink or i just shuold play with my friends in lan games? sry i idon't know verry good english
  10. G

    French newbie

    Hello i'm french so if my english isn't good don't pay atention plz^^ I begin to be interrested by dbz for the 2nd time yesterday, in fact I don't know very well the dbz univers. Is it difficult to play this mod ? Is there a source mod in progress ? Am i boring ? ^^ It is all thanks to...
  11. B

    newbie here

    just sayin what up in btwn ghost recon games !
  12. V

    Newbie needs help i need to install esf1.2.3 but i get errors for ssj gohan piccolo

    :warning: O_O :cry: i needs help i need to install esf1.2.3 but i get errors for ssj gohan piccolo etc. plz help great ones plzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :cry: :shocked: o_o
  13. B

    Newbie Question

    I have noticed then while playing ESF (against bot [Only people I can go against and win ^_^ lol]) then I can go a while wooping up on them when when I die or they kill me, I can go from a power level of 2,000,000 to a power level of 1,8??,???. After, wondering what happens I go on fighting and...
  14. darkganon

    this is a newbie queston but...

    how do u put IMAGES into yur replies? i really need to know
  15. D

    Newbie problem with model packs

    i have downloaded a whole bunch of model packs and have installed them. But when i transform into them during gameplay the game contorts thier bodies and folds tehm up into littel balls or makes them do an exorcist or even attatches my limbs to the opponents. Could somebody tell me Why?
  16. N

    Newbie Question

    Hi i have one question give it Server how save your xp??? mfg NeoAr
  17. H

    newbie question

    do you have new moves for SS?
  18. C

    Newbie Question

    Yes I've read the manual but I have some questions on the melee system. 1) Do you press up, right, left, down or move your mouse those directions when the arrows pop up? How long do you have to press the buttons/move the mouse for each arrow? 2) If I am supposed to be pressing my keyboard...
  19. P

    Newbie at Skins Part 2

    Uhmm if u can give me an exact link and stop closing my threads cause somtimes i forget to put somtin but the thread is already closed!! u can reach me on aim: PImpinFern
  20. P

    Newbie at Skins

    Hey can somebody send me the file for Lightwave or 3D Studio Max and then tell me how to use it to make skins