1. kam!

    Presea [Newb inside]

    Presea from ToS. My second model so far, the first was a Goku I never finished. Clickeh thumbs for bigger versions. The Hair was a real ***** to do >.<. To do: -Hands -Rest of hair and attach it to the head -Attach head to body -Details (dagger, small bag on the back) -Axe...
  2. veqeta

    I Need a Very Newb and easier guide on how to install esf from square 1.

    hi i've tried doing installing esf the way it says on the sticky but i don't understand it that much, i would appreciate it if someone could post a very simple guide on how to install esf from square 1. many thanks.
  3. Y

    Newb question.

    Hi all (again). Can i ask what program you all use for modelling, 3DSMAX?? Or something else? Thanks in advance, YRREF.
  4. J

    UBER NEWB QUESTION - how do u get pl ?

    I just downloaded esf and dont know much so how do u get pl so u can go super saiyan
  5. Z

    Newb here!

    Hey everyone, i just stop by and i just said to myself "Why the hell not?" and i joined, im planing to get the game for this mod, i just realized that i had the game half life right next to my computer the whole time, and now im going to install it and play like it was '99!
  6. J

    The newb is back

    Hi guys again, Im just starting to pick myself up on this game =P. Getting better =). However, When I play the game, it freezes on me sometimes, saying "hl.exe error" something liek that. Anyone know ways to solve this? or... lol. Anyways, if this has already been discussed, then may someone...

    Newb ???

    Hello everyone, sweet game we have here and I'm glad to be a part of it.. Can some one tell me if u can use a control pad with the game? I have the sidewinder. Thank U in advance..Programmers keep up the great work!!! :laff:
  8. clen

    The Newb of the Fight Club

    Looking for my first fight, Will someone accept my challenge?
  9. Jakut

    Newb sig maker.

    So i only started to research yesterday and this is what i made so far And my current sig as you can see below. I need crits and advices.
  10. ?

    Im a Newb at this...

    Right Ive installed Steam, and ESF. Ive fixed the shortcut. But... How do I get the thing to work? And plz... no more over 50 meg dls... :no: Plz? :)
  11. F

    hrm some newb questions.. i guess..

    just curious... 1 do you have the legal right to use the names of the offical dbz characters in your mod? as well as all the other copyrighted/trademarked stuff? again just a question (bet this is gonna get locked/deleted) also... if that answer is no... then how can you prevent anyone else...
  12. D

    Newb Question

    if you have a server can you give urself any amount of KI if you can wuz the command?
  13. Z

    I am the newb of doom!

    Hurray for ewbs! oh huzzah!... sorry bout that matey yip yip. Anywho, I'm new to this fourm (yah, I know you wanna play poke the newb) anywho, just a quick question, do yo have a thread specific to refs for modeling? I need more refs, everytime I screw up big time on one model, and have to...
  14. J

    Somewhat of a newb question

    Well ive been playing for 2 days and i havent found a single Dragon Ball. I heard it they where easy to find in Riverside so ive been looking but still no luck. Heres the questions: 1. Can you blow up moutains if so are they there? 2. Does the raidar pick um up? 3. What do they look like...
  15. D


    Um I downloaded v.1.2-1.2.3. and when i install and try to play game on internet it says esf needs to update than it goes the half life update program. Someone tell me how to install the game properly plz. I just went out and bought the game 2 days ago and still haven't figured out how to...
  16. B

    I newb needs help

    Well i cant download V 1.2.3 at all because i dont know how to. well i get on ESF world and try to download it and i chose the free thing, when i get at the end i dont know what to do so PLZ HELP ME
  17. P

    Newb Question but never asked

    Where does thumbs.db go?!
  18. V

    im a newb

    i DL game and played with bots, but all the bots move like super fast, so i fly then go turbo and their still faster then me, how do i most fast?? I strafe like fast but forward and back is slow. Also how you turn SSJ?
  19. P

    can u turn ssj3? im a newb

    can u turn ssj3? i was wondering
  20. T

    wow look another newb!

    yup that newb is me. anyhow i am waiting on the dl.... basicly i think all i need is to dl 1.2 and then the 1.2.1 patch.... i'm ok on that right? it goen into steam.... tips that i might not know being as i havent played this mod is something like a year and a half.... i can't even...
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