1. E

    Dimensional Force - Version 2.0

    Just some new thing...
  2. Black Saiyan


    i have no idea how to use it or anything so can some1 explain how i use the tools ect or send me a link with a turtial thx
  3. K

    I made really amazing Goku trasformation sound but i dont know why in the game the sound sound low
  4. S

    NoN ESF, Optimus Prime

    Hi guys, just posted the new Optimus Prime skinned model for Rivalry of Legends, Check the potw for a full screen render!!! Thanks for your comments and critz Showster
  5. S

    Request: High quality Goku skins?

    What are some links to the best quality completed Goku skins? Anything will do. SSJ 2, 3, different cloths, Etc... Thanks.
  6. A

    Bomber Man!!

    I was wondering if someone could make a bomber man model, then I coould skin, or some one else, or maybe even the person that made teh model. We can make it replace GOhan and maybe get Shijing to make some sprites.
  7. M

    is there a model for janemba yet?

    someone make a model for janemba or fat gogeta that would be an awesome model
  8. S

    Great Saiyaman!

    Anyone here know if there is one greatsaiyaman not ssj u know azn dragon,s greatsaiyaman can somebody make him not ssj just blackhaired?
  9. G

    Brolly models!

    I am looking for some brolly models i was wondering if anyone have or know where find some. thx
  10. G

    SSJ4 goku wip

    well its a wip right now so crits are welcome :D this is going to be in saiyan rebirth (another hl mod) i know its not much i only got to really skinning the face :P
  11. ZuL


    Hey, I made a Tonberry for FFMod, so if you wanna see it, just click the link... Mod link:
  12. HyperSaiyaman

    Excellent Super Saiyan 3 Goku!

    I have an excellent goku ssj3 with an excellent hai if you want it you have to e-mail me or my msn is [email protected] it worth it .
  13. maxigt

    A Goten Model.........

    Does anyone have a decent Goten model that I can download? Just send in a post with the link and picture on it! Or you can e-mail me at [redacted]. Even if it's bad I sill wanna see it! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: