1. Sicron

    You just know you want a TomTom as your navigation device Hell yeah.
  2. darknavigator

    Dark Navigation 2 and 3

    Tell me which ones better.. me and my friend edited the original one (my sig) :fight: Rate 1-10 if you want
  3. darknavigator

    New Sig. Dark Navigation.

    I gave it a more... feminine side to it :smile:
  4. Naz

    Site Layout I made I was asked to make a layout, don't ask me why, because I practicly never made a good layout.. all I ever did was making a wallpaper with some text over it and call it a layout :P, but I promised to give it a shot, so here it is, hope you all like...
  5. Ryoko

    Ryoko's layout

    Well I decided to make a lil diary showing the creation of a website layout I may use. Now its my first ever so I have no idea what to do but I may as well post it. Being updated later.
  6. F

    Forum navigation

    Yeah a simple would be all the more convienant if yall would put a little navigation bar at the know so you don't have to scroll back to the top to go the the main index and then select the forum you want to visit. They are very common among most forums so it...