1. Alteh

    Round 2 Mystix vs GFK

    You guys should know the rules already
  2. Soulicro

    Match #5 - Mystix vs GK

    Friendly reminder of them rules: 1. The sig size does not matter, but it must be under the forum's rules max (600 x 200) 2. This isnt limited to Photoshop. You can use other programs. However, when posting the sig, please specify which programs you used. 3. You have up to 3 days to post...
  3. T

    Any new piccolos

    Any one no if a new piccolo model is going to be out?I no this has been asked 100 times but wuss just wanting to no.And not a skin with cape one thats more bigger not so skinny one that makes him look strounger.
  4. V

    Ned's Veggeto model

    I had some questions for ned about his model : 1. Who will it replace 2. Are you planning on doing animations for it? 3. This isnt really a question but I wanted to say sorry for my sig with him in it, I just like your model so much.
  5. M

    Original Goku

    Well ive lost my original Goku skin could someone plz send it to me My Mail or add me in msn [email protected]
  6. sexyasian86

    Kid Buu Done.

    well well. i have finally finished it. time to show it off. if you guys have anymore crits, then give them to me. cause i'm not fixing it anymore. i'll have a download link in a couple of minutes. there ya go. enjoy peace! [new project: better bojacks trunks]
  7. JDeezNutz

    about MyStiX

    ok, totally i think him as a ****ing mother ****ing ass licking dog ****ing ******* but you might have different views off him, it all happened by him n pro editting a excellent trunks model, and he asked ppl to pm him if he wanted it, i pmed him, he told me to get 100 posts if i wanted it, i...
  8. A

    Gt Goku

    Does anyone know where i could find a gt older version of goku model u know where he had on blue and with white belt on.....:paper:
  9. D

    gt chibi goku

    can some1 make a chibi goku or if it already exist tell me the site where i can download it
  10. M

    My favorite DBZ PICS!!!

    These are my aLL tIme Favorite DBZ piCS... Plz feel free to put your favorite dbz pics!!!