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    Are u going to release your Brolli model you "said" you would release for 1.2, and are you going to release that Vegeta model?
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    Mr.Smo = BAD

    I have heard recently that Super Vegetto and DarkOne were banned because SV edited one of Smo's models. I found that completely wrong and uncalled for. But then to make it worse Smo black-mailed the ESF team into banning them. I thought ESF was more proffesional then that, letting a new team...
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    Mr.Smo's Vegeta model

    I was wondering is he going to release his vegeta model for 1.2 since it was in the Japanese Voice pack demo for Vegeta.
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    Mr.Smo should make a cell model

    Mr. smo should make a cell model to be offically included in the game. Because the new picollo looks awesome, and cell sucks right now
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    Dude I think you are the best modeler ever. Did you make that new Piccolo model. Did you leave oooooo what was it hmmmmm i want to call it GHP
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    mr.SMo's farewell model thread

    hi over the long times sence u been here showing your models and letting us use them. imm proud to say that i look up to you MODEL wise a very skilled modeler wise. but most important u took your time for us and for your skills and i think i speak for every won when i say this, we will...