1. Mkilbride

    Trying to think of movie...

    Thought it was Guyver, because I remember the eye-ball and suit...but I also recall there being like a socket puppet that gets murdered and I can't find that anywhere on the web...but yeah, the Guyver eye also gets ripped out and it's like this horrible scene...but I also remember there being a...
  2. Blashix

    Dragon Ball Z Movie 2013

    Who can see the new movie?
  3. Naturphoenix

    k & k productions dbz movie Looks like the fans should have always made the dbz movie.
  4. Critical_Error

    dat DBZ movie.................

    I don't know about all you guys but I've only just found this out: In a one word: Speechless. I still can't believe after Akira Toriyama said he was never going to have anything to do with DBZ again, he blesses us with this. Here's hoping it spawns...
  5. Deathshot

    Dragon Ball Z Movie 2013

    It seems the Series will keep going with movies. It's nice to see these coming out. No matter what I will always love Dragon Ball Z. Toei Animation - Movie Site - Another site -
  6. Reading Rainbow

    New DBZ Movie (F*** Hollywood)

    I just found this, thought you guys might want to know about it. There's even a cast section that lists some of the characters so far, at first it looks really fake but I looked at the youtube channel and it looks legit...
  7. Hellion_Blade

    Did you guys hear about that movie called constipation?

    No? that's 'cause it didn't come out yet! Let the puns begin!! I've got a few more bad ones. Did you hear about the guy who lost his left arm? hes alright now. Some guy got caught in an upholstery machine. They said hes recovered. The peanut had to go to the hospital. He was...
  8. Renyori

    Rurouni Kenshin Movie

  9. Skyrider

    Looking for a specific movie (Time Travel Based)

    It's a Time travel based movie, though I am unsure what the movie is called. I can't find it on google either, nor find it in the top time travel based movies. So, hopefully you guys can help me. I remember part some parts of the movie, but not all... Here are the parts: -> A group of people in...
  10. phrack50

    Ultimate Portal fan movie This is probably the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Beyond Black Mesa was neat, but this is just WOW.
  11. -Origin

    I now want a Deus Ex movie.

    Live Action trailer for Human Revolution.
  12. Mkilbride

    D'aww, it's like something out of a movie
  13. Sting

    Movie studio

    Was wondering what video editor / movie studio ESF uses to make theyre movies. I found some and tryed it out but not what I was looking for. Maybe you can give some advice for a good one.
  14. A

    Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

    In the works.
  15. A

    Pokémon: Live Action Movie Trailer Discuss.
  16. The Deco

    Anyone else remembers this movie

    I watched this movie when I was a kid when it first came out in 2000, I loved it very much. I remember I started being afraid from aliens ever since... I should watch it again now that im much older. Anyone else? comments on the film?
  17. Snowm@n

    Inception [MOVIE]

    Most of my friends told me it's worth to see it in the cinema. Is it really that good?
  18. Boogyman93

    Valve thinks they should make the Half-Life movie.

    In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Valve’s own Gabe Newell took some time to talk about the possibility of a Half-Life movie. Source:
  19. Snowm@n

    Shutter Island [MOVIE - SPOILERS]

    As anyone seen it? I just saw it and it has to be one of the best movies ever, 10/10 imo. I recommend it to people who like adventure/mistery/conspiracy/suspence movies.:yes:
  20. Painkiller

    Tekken 2010 Movie

    Tekken teh movie. I've played 2 of the games, I know they're epic. Comments on the movie :) Here's teh trailer: