1. W

    Change Skeleton Size

    How do I take an already made skeleton and make it bigger without using move! I need to know for my Brolli Model!
  2. Death The Jedi

    Found vertex with invalid bone assignment....

    whenever I try to export my model, it says "Found vertex with invalid bone assignment". All the vertexes are assigned to bones.. so can anyone help me out here?
  3. Vengaurd

    big beam pack

    i got rather mixed comments from the kame poll so i figured id just start a new "black and white" poll. so tell me, do you think i should make all the beams bigger? (the generic beam being the exeption of coarse)
  4. V

    TRunks and other models movement.

    Alright first of .remeber the trunks vs. freeza saga when trunks transformed ...i think that transform was the best in the intire dbz saga when trunks started screaming and his hear started to rise the current rubbish with him crying and all that sh** is bull.they need someting better...
  5. Marauder

    "MY" skin(vegeta)

    ssj4 vegeta fix well i posted this in someone elses thread but noone sees it cause its an old thread, so im gonna post it here (if a mod has a prob with it tell me and ill close the thread) ok here it goes: ok, now ppl dont go screamin at me,these are not "my " skins, what i...
  6. Super_Vegeta.LE

    70% goku, (WIP)

    heres a new one from me :) enjoy :D
  7. G

    Kid Buu Skin

    I made a kid buu model about 4 days ago, I liked the model and tried to get it skinned, it was not that bad but I am looking for a better skin. I am looking for a skinner to skin this model. There are pictures at Another thing this is a completely different model than...
  8. |Da|K|

    MY gundam WALLPAPER

    this is my Gundam wall paper that i made tell me wat u think *i kno font sucks*
  9. U

    My First REmodel

    It is my first model. well how does it look ?? ( i cant make it a mdl file because i don't knoiw how to do so, so if some could tell me?!? ) or or...
  10. owa

    My Drawing!

    hahaha. Well I did a little freehand drawing of Goku's head, and yes it is not nearly as good as Ryoko's, Cucs, or the Chimp, but then again I haven't drawn sense the Character contest thing for ESF. Anyways here it is, and I relize his chin is pointy, comments or Critz would be helpful...
  11. Pommy

    My photoshop 7 tutorial

    I had this tutorial posted but then I was told to move it to The art tutorials page but I also wanted feedback on it. So here it is ok? It also is in there :X I have created a photoshop 7 tutorial for anyone who wants to learn the basics.
  12. DaKD

    Majin Vegeta Bdmg pack

    Ok heres the release for my pack. i reanimated his transformation anims and made a vgui for it. o yea in this pack vegeta starts out as ssj1 and then his trans is Majin and he goes ssj2. It does look more like vegeta now too! im getin it hosted on red sayin too so u can look there...
  13. F

    Xporting Models

    I just finished my Vegito and he is rdy to go but i dont know how 2 export him
  14. owa

    New Sig

    Hi, I just finished my sig which I am pretty proud of, the Chick is the lovely samus, and its fan-art which is why the pic is semi-low quality. Tell me what you think.
  15. P

    Dbz Needs More Characters!!!!

    Look Im going to ask something and please take it in to consideration, But maybe you already have.... esf needs more characters such as Brolli, Android 18, Raditz, Garlic Jr, Dr Gero, The Ginyu Force, Tein, Videl , Son Goten, Young Trunks , Dabura , yamcha and finally pan... im not saying just...
  16. G

    Modell question ..

    I was wondering , How do I regroup a modell ? I'm going to skinn a modell , and I need to regroup , Like ears, body , head , legs . And stuff like that . But I can't do it becouse all those dots .. They come alond when I wanna move a selected form and screw up the hole modell .. By the way...
  17. P

    Goku ssj very first stage of making

    here it is if clicking on it doesnt work just copy and paste it. Also give me advice
  18. S

    Recompile of normal mystic gohan for normal gohan

    Could someone take the normal mystic gohan and recompile it for the normal gohan seeing as we now have an ss mystic gohan for ss normal gohan. Or tell me how to do it
  19. R@!D3R

    -=I am disgusted.... Concerning All Forum members=-

    Ok, I just want to speak my mind here about what I think of some of the posters here. Why don't some of you think before you post or at least explain what you are saying. The reason this post goes in modelling is because it concerns a really talented modeller MysTic_Ryu or Azn.. He was working...
  20. S

    kinda stuck in the tutorial and i need ur help, again... at page 18 in the tutorial (click here to get to the page im stuck at. im stuck in the 2nd pic) i've reached to this part so far and ive been told to switch to the back side of my model. well, i did and this is what i saw... so what do i do? y did that happen to me...