1. gerald324

    If The Release Date Is 2013 In What Month?

    I Know My Question Is Bullshit But You Need To Answer Me Please.......
  2. Damaera

    This month...

    marks my 10th ******* year of being here. holy shit.
  3. sub

    Chakra, Happy Black History Month!

    Happy Black History Month Chakra! I've never actually met a black person in real life, so I'm just assuming black history months are birthdays for you guys, but slightly better. And yeah, I know there's only like 3 or 4 days left in the month, but give me a break, it's the thought that counts.
  4. Pain

    Blaster Master: Overdrive

    It's another oldschool revival. I know nothing about it at the moment, but I enjoyed the original. Scheduled to come out for WiiWare on the 8th of this month. Source.
  5. -Origin

    Great month for gamers everywhere.

    We're being spoiled rotten :p So many great games out in the last few weeks and so many good ones coming out in the weeks to come. Look at those scores, lol.
  6. elNarr

    C&C Reborn to be released this month! -- So yeah, getting pretty pumped since i am a very old C&C fan. Now after 4-5 years after the developers changed, it got a whole new engine - it's going to get released. It was developed for Renegade, but EA has granted an permission to make it a...
  7. 009

    The traditional release month ? :D

    Hopefully it will be released "May#" Like esf 1.2 may8th esf 1.0 or 1.1 was also at may, I think.. We keep traditions ? :laff: :] I really dunno.. just a thought..:smile:
  8. C

    Pay 100 Dollars a Month for DIAL up...I dont think so?STOP THIS NONSENSE

    TELKOM - Most expensive ISP In the intire WORLD. And is the only one in South Africa. Telkom,A south african surface provider.(Only one currenlty in south africa)charges 6 times MORE then what is charged overseas. Please if you have time please take 5 seconds and just fill in your...
  9. Deverz

    Gone for a month or so

    I'm going away for a month to visit my mum up in Brisbane (It's an Australian city, Check your atlas) I shall return once my holiday is done and hopefully with a better PC I leave on tuesday so you have until then to enjoy me
  10. Ness

    another new one after a month

    Another new sig. I took Skyline's advice from last year and stuck to one colour theme :rolleyes: P.S. I know most of you think they all look the same, but honest, they dont :laff:
  11. E

    Leaving for a month..

    Well folks, its that time of the year. Prelimbs (thats mock exams) are on their way, they'll be here in just a month. Now last year I did pretty badly so the only way to get into my parents good books is to ace these tests. I need to take away all distractions in order to do this so I'm...
  12. Delusional

    1 week ok 2 weeks ok almost a month AHHH!!!!

    I'm dizzy oooo so dizzy since no one will really read this and it might be spam i'm an 11 year old little moron so...
  13. Devion

    new background.

    <img src=""> Made a new background for my pc srry for the high resolution but my pc has this resolution.
  14. Element4q2

    GokuGT Pack Released

    Humpz0r has kindly offered to host my pack since RedSaiyan seems to be down again. Here's the link: It's finally up for download. And yes it does have the SSJ4 thats in my sig. Feel free to post comments
  15. TehMuffinMan

    shijng? no more models? *shock!*

    well, i got a hell of alot of work to do with my 3 mods, operation hollow point, strong bad mod and dragonmod z, so im going to need some extra time for myself, and im going to take that time off doing esf models. Y'see, i really am strapped for time, so i canna really put anymore of it to...
  16. S

    Want to know how to add more people to your ESF?

    Well i do too. I recently downloaded a model that i wanted to add in my ESF but not replace anyone. Now don't tell me this is not possible because i remember reading in a thread that it is possible and that you can access your guy through the console. So if anyone knows the thread or how to do...
  17. T

    Goku Frieza Saga BD

    Hey guys, i had this made for my own personal use ill ask the maker if ican release it, i got permission from smo to get it edited, also azn gave the model to cheeseman and said he could do with it what he pleased so i have permisson there too, also credits to Hawki Ice for editing it :)...
  18. Z

    Ms3d Problems.......?

    Help me i have a .ms3d file how do i make it to a .smd file.... :cry: I will bw glad if somone willl tell me.. :cry: :confused:
  19. S

    lightwave modeling tutorial

    can some one please give me an lightwave modeling tutorial , either that shows the basics on how to use it or modeling a character ? im just starting out with light wave!
  20. E

    New Wallpaper, ROY

    This is the first pic I made in I think 1 month that was for me, and just abstract. Im still rusty, but Please gimme some constructive crits and tips and what you think should happen. Thanks
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