1. Skyrider

    Mini Explosion Clip (Movie of the Moment)

    Have fun peeps: <object width="873" height="525"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  2. JTM

    Just take a moment to laugh...

    **** you, Rare.
  3. Pain

    Blaster Master: Overdrive

    It's another oldschool revival. I know nothing about it at the moment, but I enjoyed the original. Scheduled to come out for WiiWare on the 8th of this month. Source.
  4. Dzamija

    Need some info about a moment in a comedy series.

    Now I know this is probably no info at all I'm giving here, but I want to find that scene in "Allo, allo!" where that woman yells "GENERAL VON KLINKERHOFFEN!", does anyone know which episode it is or at least from which season the episode is? I really want to find that scene, it's hilarious, but...
  5. sub

    A moment of silence

    Let's have a moment of silence for Skys deceased cat.
  6. donnierisk

    New map, no name at the moment

    Hello all, well I made a new map, sorry, not a community map though ^^ Here are some pics, C & C is welcome, if you want, please help me to get a suitable name, I want to add something special to this map, I don't know what though, if anyone can come up with something(except for a cave :p)...
  7. Skyrider

    Movie of The Moment :: How do you want to see it?

    I'm rather curious how people prefer watching Movie of The Moment's. Do you prefer to download it and save it on your HardDisk, or do you say you prefer to watch it online through streaming? Such as YouTube?
  8. Skyrider

    Movie of The Moment! :)

    You all going to enjoy this! The new AutoSwap Feature for the Open Beta: - Click here to download it on your HDD - FileFront (Streaming Video Like YouTube but with higher video quality) - YouTube
  9. Alkon

    Post Your Most Embarresing Moment In School!

    Whats your most embarresing moment in school? share it with us. My moment is in high school in music we had to do a song reveiw and someone did "Say my name" by destinys child and the teacher said "Alright who is the no name person who did say my name by destinys child? Then without even...
  10. I

    Stupid un-important thread that gives us sumtin else to reply to durin the day moment

    Hmmm... have you ever had those days of waking up when you just can't... wake up? Like you find yourself dreaming about something, and while in that state of mind, you realize that you're asleep, but you can't spark that energy to wake up? Sometimes I find myself waking up into another dream...
  11. Dokutayuu

    Funniest DB/DBZ/DBGT/Movie moment

    The serieses depend on comedy a bit, so what are your favourite moments? Personally, I like it in DBZ movie 11: Bio Broly where Broly is beating Goten up and Trunks decides to moon Broly, call him a Sayain Reject and give him the finger. Humourus indeed.
  12. .Guzzie.

    YOUR Favourite song at the moment.

    What's your favourite song AT THE MOMENT. I wanna have a look and if I like it, i'll put it on my Ipod [ Should be honoured ], so when I go for a jog i'll be happy :). Well mine at the moment is -The Quiet Place by In Flames. Got introduced to me by Pain` when he made that ESF Vid...
  13. F

    The moment of truth

    Who would you rather be with? Pam Anderson? Or Carmen Electra? Carmen get's my vote.
  14. I

    Some words for the moment.

    Can't say I'm a new comer... but you can assume all you want since I registered a minute ago :P. To all the administrators, members, developers... I'd just like to say hello. I used to play this game quite a bit before, I could hold my own with my kid brothers in lan (is bragging about that...
  15. S

    Whats your Fav funny moment in DBZ

    Well over all the episodes of dbz there have been some pretty funny moments... mine would have to be when hercules desciples fight and that guy with the roses trys to fight cell and does that lil thing before he does so funny lol :laff:
  16. L

    PLS help ME! I`m beging u! It will only take 1 moment! THX

    I can`t make a server.After I press the start game button the consol appears again and saiz somethin` about a class c server. PLS HELP ME.I had the problem @ counter strike 2 but there it workd by tiping in the consol" sv_lan 0 " , here it doesn`t do anything. Pls tell me what 2 do. With...
  17. S

    Scariest moment ever..mmkay

    Ok, so last night i decided enough was enough for today with the computer, it was like 2 am or so. So i thought before i go watch tv till 3 am i should get a big glass of coke. so i went down got the coke and went back up to my room mmkay. i closed the door. then suddenly i heard something o.o...
  18. Phatslugga

    A moment of silence...

    Well, I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but it seems that S.O.S is dead. I checked there website a few days ago, and today it's still down. I hate to see a mod with so much potential come to an end, and even though I had differences with the community there, I'm sad to see it go. With DMZ at...
  19. Sicron

    Your best moment in San Andreas...*snif*

    ok this tread is about ur best, coolest, weirdest, funnest, whatever moment in san andreas u had (multiple allowed since u might get funnier moments as u advance it the game o_o ) -------------------------------------------------------------------- My most weirdest moment was, i stole a...