1. Dzamija

    Using the ESF MP3 player in HL/other modifications?

    Is it possible? I'd really like to use it in other mods like CS or The Specialists, since it's pretty lightweight and easy to shuffle through. So before I download ESF again, can anyone tell me if it's actually possible, and if so, what must I do to make it work?
  2. Skyrider

    ESF Zone modifications! (must read)

    Oke, I've talked about it with b14ckcha0s. There has some slight modifications / changes with the Zone. For those who don't know what ESF Zone is, it's the new Earth Special Forces Resource website. With maps, sprites, clients, models and all things related to Earth Special Forces. At first...
  3. ssjFajita

    Animations need some modifications,,,,,

    I recently Downloaded the ESF movie about the 1.2 melee work in progress. I noticed that a lot of the attacks that they did looked as if they were on the ground and they were kicking or punching off of some invisible platform when they were in the air. This also made me realize that with a lot...
  4. M

    Destroyable maps?

    long time ago since i posted my last post :cry: . so i got this stupid idea. does anybody know i one exsist?
  5. Black Saiyan


    Can some1 walk me thru how to make the body ect ect
  6. L

    SoS - new q3 mod (WOW)

    maby we can learn some **** from them take a look
  7. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    i want to make a model or map but i need a program

    i need one thats free