1. Deathshot

    Starcraft 2 Modding

    Who knew when you could do so much with it.
  2. vinay87

    HL Modding : Where do I start?

    I am sooooo n00b at this. I learnt C++, got MSVC++ 2005 AND the SDK I checked out wavelength... but honestly, WHERE do I start? I just need to know. a little help maybe? Something like open so and so file to just increase bullets. And Such and such file tells u some class list But first of...
  3. R

    one question about modding plz help.

    how do i make a back for my upper body my upper body is lookin perfect but now i need to make a back so how do i do that? and here is the link to my upper body tell if u like it. its gonna be a mod of super saiyan 8
  4. R

    question about modding

    aynone here use milk shape? and is good at it? anyone here use milk shape and is good at it? cuz its extremely hard to use
  5. D

    I want to take up modding

    yeh i dont know were to begin can anyone point me in the direction? i allready map
  6. Flying Dutchman

    simple half-life modding < help >

    Hi people, a few days ago I started playing Half Life again and it hit me, AFTER SIX YEARS ITS STILL A GREAT GAME. But I`ve played through the game a couple of times before and its starting to get boring < practically memorized the entire game >, I`d like to tweak some weapons to make it more...
  7. I

    Spirit of Halflife

    I've had this program for a wile...and i think other people should start using it. Its a tool called Spirit of Half-Life and you can get it here It helps map making alot. Open GL is a nice thing to have for this tool. /if you dont have see some strange things. But dont ask me what the...
  8. B

    Server Modding.

    Hey guys. I run an ESF server with new models / sounds. Could someone plz give me the commands to allow others to download these add-ons when joining my server. Atm everyone just had default. cheers
  9. SA_Gohan

    Modding Platforms

    Okay, I've got a question on mod creation, partiicularly when it comes to choosing engines. Using these factors, which platform is the best. - Speed vs System Requirements - Features vs Ease of development (i.e. coding, mapping) Also, which engine would be the best for creating a...
  10. G

    Any Modellers Come Here Ok

    Hey the gf clan need modelers and skins well im me at ttaimmaisshu ok tanks