1. Vejta SSJ

    i wanna start moddeling!!

    i want to start with modeling,so can you recomend me some moddeling programs......can they be downloaded from internet and where?
  2. D

    Simple moddeling question

    Ive been trying to make complete enviroments in milkshape, ex: a football field. But after making all the contents ie: football field , blechers ect. i needed to make a texture for the "walls(not really walls, but teh backround, the part so its not just a field in a blue void, you know what i...
  3. Black Saiyan


    i have no idea how to use it or anything so can some1 explain how i use the tools ect or send me a link with a turtial thx
  4. Jonesdaniel

    Long Hair SSJ Trunks

    Are there any models out for ssj trunks, where he has long hair (like when he was fighting cell) thanks for any help provided in advance ;)
  5. G

    Moddeling in max

    I have been modeling in Milkshape for a while, and have just switched to 3ds max. The way I model is I have like 10 cylinders and I shape them and connect them all when I am done. The one problem is I can't figure out how to connect these cylinders in 3ds max. I can sort of get a crude system...
  6. Mister Satan

    Moddeling,Help me please

    Hi,Hello and welcome i'ld like to know what tools you great moddels use and where i can get them cause im thinking about giveing it a shot. Thanks
  7. J


    I wanna learn how 2 model, can somebody help me plz or sned me some good programs 4 moddeling??
  8. Wuying Ren

    Cooler sugestion

    I want a Cooler model. I sugest a Cooler model ! please ! I already tryed by my self but: 1. I am one of the biggest noob in moddeling 2. I have unanswered Milkshape porblems. 3. I asked what is the best model programm and no one answered.
  9. OneWingedAngel

    Making Models

    Ok everyone i want to know what i need to make a model? (notthing i have to buy stuff i can download) i want to know everything that is required for me to make a model. I would love to know how. please someone help! thanx bye