1. Z Power

    Mirror's Edge of Reality

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYm-dT24iRY And that, gents, was awesome.
  2. Z

    Filefront mirror

    Hey everyone, The Filefront mirror was giving myself and some of my friends issues when trying to download the stable game. I'm not sure what was causing it, but the downloads would timeout after about 10 minutes. I was however able to download the stable version onto my website and mirror...
  3. TourPallanen

    I am able to supply a mirror link

    Hey guys, Just thought i would let you know that I can supply a mirror link for esf downloads if you wish? my website is http://www.runanddie.com
  4. Prozac

    How do I turn my Monitor in to a mirror?

    Hey everyone, question. Is it possible to use a background that would essentially turn my monitor into a mirror?! I tried scanning a mirror.. doesn't work!
  5. Skyrider

    Mirror Test - ESF v1.2.3

    Can you guys tell me how much speed you get? http://files.esforces.net/official/setup_esfb123.exe Thanks!
  6. -Origin

    Mirror's Edge.

    So who's played the demo and is buying it November 13th? I know I am. Discuss.
  7. M

    Mirror's Edge - Gameplay Trailer

  8. MinioN

    Mirror's Edge

    Those who have Xbox or PS3 will enjoy this really cool upcoming first-person shooter action-adventure video game. The game concentrates on movement, and aims to expand and reinvent the sense of movement which is currently lacking from first-person games (in the words of senior producer Owen...
  9. M

    Mirror's Edge - Producer Interview

    http://www.gametrailers.com/player/31422.html First person shooter with a mixture of Parkour? Nice.
  10. M

    Mirror's Edge

    Source: http://www.ea.com/article.jsp?id=me Source: http://www.on-mirrors-edge.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=20&Itemid=1 While the announcement is old, the screenshots are not.
  11. S

    only 1 mirror?

    hey, is there only the file front mirror or is there more?
  12. M

    DICE's New Franchise - Mirror's Edge

    Source: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=26351
  13. Super Veggeto

    Another Open Beta Mirror

    I know I had trouble downloading from all the current mirrors, I spend the whole day trying to download it without luck, untill Zeth downloaded it and uploaded it for me on the old ZEQ2 server so I'll share it with you guys. http://zeq2.com/mirror/esf_openbeta.zip
  14. Eon

    Mirror Mask

    So a night of substance abuse led me to watching this movie. Oh my god..who else has seen it?
  15. DannyLad

    Mirror map?

    Sorry to be a newb and make a help topic but im really stuck here. I model alot of weapons/vehicles etc and to save space when uv'ing I'd like to learn how I can mirror parts. Anyone know how? tbh i've really got no clue as im still new to skinning and anything that comes with it. Sorry...
  16. C

    Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (PSP)

    Anyone get this game? Im close to gettin this game. I was waiting for Untold legends 2, but some previews make it look just like the 1st. It looks almost as like a splinter cell. IGN says its the Halo of PSP, which sounds pretty sick. 9.3 from ign 8.8 from Gamespot 5/5 from Gamespy...
  17. TRSS

    un mirror

    if i have two halves and they are mirrored how can i un mirror it so that i can edit both sides speratley?
  18. M

    ESF 1.2.3 Full Windows mirror and Linux Mirror

    Hey all.. I`m still verry bussy with redsaiyan (and i will be verry bussy with it the rest of the week!!!) but since i saw alot of questions of a good FAST download mirror for ESF Beta 1.2.3 i decided to upload them first :) i uploaded: ESF Beta 1.2.3 Full windows "Fixed now!!!" and ESF...
  19. R

    ESF-World down, can someone send me a different mirror for 1.2.3?

    ESF-World isn't responding, does anyone know of any other mirrors for 1.2.3? ;/
  20. M

    ESF Beta 1.2.1 FULL and LITE mirror

    Hello all.. A few days ago i saw a nice update on esforces that there is a esf 1.2.1 installer now whitch is verry nice :) and i saw that the person who is making the installers switched to the nulsoft installer and i think it was a verry good move since the installation files are alot...