1. Marauder

    MY first render

    hi all, i made my first after finally getting bryce to work..lol anyways....no emaning to it....just wanted the guys who know about bryce to reply and tell me how to improve and make it better. oh and i didnt add anything 2 it yet, no edits from psp.. so ill post a update later :)
  2. Bryggz

    My own poly for poly start :)

    yea ive been practicing the poly method for a lil while and well...i made a chest and abs, it's for gotenks mind you so i wanna know whatchall think. click here
  3. Warrior_Elite45

    Link To A Tutorial I Need?

    Can anyone get me a link to a tutorial that tells you how to put things such as buildings and stuff in my map? I get the ground and everythin put there and I don't know how to get buildings and things there. Do you have to make them first using a program? Because I have Gensurf. Can you make...
  4. S

    ESF Model Web-site Coming !!!

    Hey There, I'm working on a new model & skin site, yeah yeah I know I know, I can not beat Red Saiyan but that's not the point, the point is, I will try and host models & skins for ESF, so I'm setting up a small simple Web-site which will make it possible to download them. I would like the...
  5. Rajikk

    Gmax vs Milkshape

    Ok can some people show me milkshape models and gmax models just want to see the difference in quality
  6. Death The Jedi

    Skinner needed...

    I've made a model of a comic book character (Johnny The Homicidal Maniac), as most of you have heard. Well, I had a skinner, but I think my private message thing isn't working or maybe he just isn't responding.. anyways... I need a skinner, I have skin maps with a basic skin on it already, but...
  7. N

    Good GFX?

    Are there any elite GFX artists in this forum other than Naz? If there is I will post my work, if not I will do it anyways. I want to see if there is any competition ;) :cool: :cool:
  8. S

    bigger kamehameha

    check this out. i made the kamehameha sprite as big as it could get with sprite veiw and wizard. ill have a download limk vey soon. :)
  9. R

    Wallpaper!!! Take A Look

    Hey Guys .. I was just wondering if i could have a little feed back on my wallpaper if it's anygood, thanks. I have made others .. a lot other but this i need CRITS!
  10. Skinnerfool

    A hint

    If ur making a radditz model why don't u mind use this ssj3 vegeta so u don't have to make the hair and thiis hair is perfct anyways here ya go http://mitglied.lycos.de/clanbn/models/vegeta.zip
  11. T

    question on sound packs

    hey i was wondering if any 1 can give me a site with sound packs. i forgot where but somewhere in the forum there was a guy who said he once had a vegeta trans that said, "U can take my body and soul, but there is one thing u cant take from a saiyan his PRIDE" j/w if some 1 can tell me where to...
  12. Q

    Video logos

    This is a logo that I made for myself that is put into videos that I help with. Usually I just do some odd 3D work like make a title or something but atleast this gives me a way to pimp the **** i do Check it out here (2.5mb) http://home.cogeco.ca/~pkeen/logo.avi and for anyone that is...
  13. V

    Can never find these models

    Does anyone know where I can download these models. And please make sure that the links work I'm tired of getting my hopes up for nothing. SSJ2 Goku Mystic Gohan (not battle damaged) SSJ3 Goku (with good hair and skin) GT Vegeta Broly I've been trying to find those for a while and I...
  14. KrazyKarl

    New Goku Drawing!!!

    This pic is from the cover of the Lord Slug video that I have... Its goku (normal) and i think hes supposed to be in the middle of a Kaio Kin or something... anyway on thecover hes all red ... This is one of the times King Ki thinks goku is a super saiyan and hes not.. so there ya go.. tell me...
  15. Z

    Where can i get these things?

    can anyone tell me where i can get skin creators or general tools to create things for esf
  16. A

    how do i make a milkshape file a mdl file

    i have made a model that i will post here, but i need to know how i export it as a mdl file for the game? plz help me thanks you
  17. Ryoko

    New freehand Ryoko drawing

    Shall be cging soon. Not as good as my other pics but then again, this is totally freehand.
  18. K


    OK guys, here's my beta version of my new space map. It's a big arena, but this time you would be wise to stay within the blue sphere. Otherwise you're out in space suffocating... Image page DOWNLOAD it in .rar And if you still need it: Get WinRAR
  19. R@!D3R

    My Art skills

    God damn.... I've lost the photoshop lovin' I can't do anything I like in it anymore... It's pissing me off, I have no idea's and the stuff I like I couldn't do even if I practiced at it... Any other artists go threw this stage...? I mean I wanna do some nice art but I can't. I have some...
  20. Bryggz

    I know it doesnt exist, but wouldnt it be interesting as hell??(new model)

    Hey guys I wanna know if you'd guys like me to make a ssj3 GOHAN. Since seeing s-bolts ssj2 gohan.......ive been thinking about what he'd look like as ssj3......if not, im gonna make him ssj3 either way and edit him to look like gotenks ssj3, gimme some input, eh?