1. zmaster

    esf foreshadows the meteor at the end the final flash looks just like the meteor in the pic above-_-
  2. D

    meteor shower at...

    around 1:04 AM. you probably already either heard or disregarded this, but my sky is actually CLEAR on the eve of a celestial event so im quite excited. 'tis a first for me. anyway, if you happen to be up i would advise you to get a jacket, boots, and a hat and check out the shower.
  3. M

    Dragon Ball Z: Sparking Meteor Import Language help

    I can't figure out how to get to practice mode, and I can't find out any of the modes because everything is in Japanese, could someone help me please.
  4. SS4 Gogeta

    Meteor packing an illness? A mysterious illeness seems to have popped up after a meteor impacted close to some village in Peru. sounds like it may have hit an underground hotspring or somthing, boiling water and the "strange odor" mentioned ealier in the article...
  5. S

    Could a thousand nukes > a single, but huge meteor?

    I got this idea from the other thread and also hope to have the discussion shift over here. What do you think would be more disasterous? To me, a nuclear explosion, while impressive, is just small in scale to the rest of the world. Not only that, but they are more wind and heat with some...
  6. P

    Do some one know a good space map?

    do u guys know agood space map..but i dotn wanna lose hp in the space i want a map wich is meteors to and a a plate maybe to do u guys know anything about it?
  7. ultrassj_vegeta


    i do realise some bits are screwd up... however im too lazy to fix them at this stage... the mistakes shall be done when i have feedback on what to change... crits.. thnx u!
  8. M

    Meteor Smashes

    hey are you guys gunna add in meteor smashes? like in Dragonball GT : Final Bout
  9. P

    Meteor Smash....

    my first suggestion would be removing swimming animations because you know!?!?! they fly under water so swimming makes them look a bit if a sisi:) so I was wondering if you could just remove the animations and make them just "fly"underwater andyways never seen an episode off seeing any dbz...