1. H

    Kotaku AU Article (More of a mention..) Not as big as the PCGamer article... but yeah lol
  2. Mr. Satans

    Oops, Forgot To Mention This

    I discovered this "bug" a long time ago and was gonna post it but when it came to actually reporting it, I procrastinated and eventually forgot about it. Anyways, you can avoid damage from trigger_hurt entities (In Some Situations) by using TURBO. A good example is in NC_Snow, go into the...
  3. L

    how to model

    i dont know how to make model/skin plz help
  4. Kreshi

    The Ultimate SSJ4- Pack

    The new SSJ4- Pack is done. Click here to download the pack. the link iclude pictures and the ssj4-pack- download (download the ssj4-pack.rar) The pack includes new sounds, sprites, gfxes and surely the 2 models vegeta and son goku. Here the credits i know: Model Son Goku: By Vassago...
  5. Z

    sos is douche vill

    **** the sos tree huging pusy's i tink that sos s so ****t up they ar so vain that thei even think poeple woud like to rip there models (who would ) u would have to pay me big time to use models some douche ******* made so **** u all u douches ps vox i dont remember being sutch a big shot in...
  6. Mistery X

    Freeza Form 1 WIP, SC...

    still a wip
  7. HyperSaiyaman

    Supreme Kai

    I found this model lost in the deepest forums long time ago i reskinned it i converted to beta 1.1, credits are not given cuz i dont know who made so i didnt put anything well here the pic:
  8. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Red suit MYSTIC Gohan

    I have created a red suit mystic gohan , the model is reali nice I would say that it looks like pro squads s edit... Who can host the pic???:laff: :laff:
  9. ssj999vegeta

    i need photodeluxe link

    can anyone post an adobe photodeluxe link for version 4.0 and dont jus say 2 get it on kazaa
  10. S

    Where can i get photoshop from??

    hi can any 1 tell me where i can get photoshop from plzz i realy wish to start skinning
  11. F

    iwant someone to make a ... model...

    PLEASEall ya good model/skin pro`s what ya need to do is make a gotenks becausethats my favorite character and if he was made alot of people would actually use him in battle and personaly i think its a great idea but i can`t model:cry: PLEASE:cry:
  12. D.C. Darkling

    saiyan saga vegeta

    Someone made one. I have to say sory buddy.. I take it back.. the models NOT good. :/ I wanted to reskin it but then I found out why the skin ws bad.. Alot of lines and holes... model aint finished yet. nice idea but its poorly done. :( Anywayz back on topic I'm gona try to... hope I can...
  13. C

    About putting new mdoels in ESF

    I was wondering,if it was possible to put models for ESF ingame,competelly new models,with new animations etc.. Thanx for answering
  14. Ranma

    Are some maps the same in beta?

    Sorry if this has been asked/told, but will any of the maps in alpha be in beta, or are you making new ones. Also if they'll be some old ones, will they be changed to look better when transfering over to beta? I know your making new maps for beta (right?) but i'm just seeing if the old ones...
  15. S

    Where i find ....

    Where can I downloadind 3d max studio ??????