1. Mkilbride

    MIT discovers the location of memories.
  2. Deman

    Xam'd Lost Memories

    Since I'm terrible about giving general plot information I'll just give you the synopsis from Wiki. Now here's what I have to say about it. I saw the first couple episodes the other day and now I'm instantly hooked. What are the Xam'd? Is the Postal Ship that picked up Akiyuki really...
  3. Dokutayuu

    New sig set from G-Wing memories

    I saw the opening titles to Gundam Wing yesterday and remembered how awesome Deathscythe was. Here it is in a sig.
  4. Goten-son

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories

    anyone pick up this game yet? its much better then i not far but im not at the begginning im pretty much int he middle but this is definitely worth a pick up to fill in some holes from the secret ending and some stuff you wanted to know for KH2, also its a must if you want to be...
  5. Mr. Satans

    Oh The Memories

    A Look Back On The Funnies In ESF (A Little Unorganized Due To The Image Post Limit, But Take Your Time, They're All Good): ~ MORE ~
  6. K

    I tried to get the old alpha to work (old memories revived)...

    and it said client.dll caused an error. I have the most up to date fmod.dll in there, why would it do this?
  7. S

    iam new to this

    NEED HELP WITCH THIS i DL this majin vegeta that is suppose to transform diffrent but i have seen nothing diffrent i got it here its the majin vegeta pack and do i HAVE to have that exact model to have the transformation dffernt or is it a script? please i...
  8. HyperSaiyaman

    Super Saiyan-jin 4 Goku Proyect:

    I've been looking for a good goku ssj4 but if u want a good model u have to make ur own but im a begginer at modeling i need help, but i have a good idea the model of briggz is good but his hair sux so i found the goku ssj4 (for alpha version of esf) the modell sux but the hair is perfect i...
  9. Z

    Ah this brings back memories

    Hehe, I was playing on one of the servers, and doing my best to win and this guy named Janenba joins, i begin to beat him down into the ground and he calls me a hacker (which I'm not ^_^) and told me to get out, i didn't leave and he started crashing the server, hehe this reminded...
  10. Naz

    Nessaja's Indy Art

    [Indy] Endurance I'm not done with it, yet, anyone got some suggestions for it + crits? grtz Naz
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