1. C

    suggestion meele

    you have to do the meele like the game dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi because the meele of the ESF is not good
  2. shezu

    I want to learn how to meele

    Ok before posting replies like "Go read FAQ u n00b" or smthing like that please read this... I was just now reading the "FAQ" and came to know that the link which the topic starter has provided to learn meele does not work. :( So someone please teach me how to meele T_T
  3. S


    How do you Meele? Cause when I go to the controlls there's no Meele button...
  4. Delusional

    1.3 Meele

    I read the Possible 1.3 Meele...and I LOVE THEM BOTH i especially like that how u move your mouse is how u hit XD I just love all the ideas...Any one else have comments?
  5. Delusional

    Stamina Based Meele

    Well, I have an idea of waht it is, but...i'd like to see waht other people think it might be.. My thought -Stamina Bar -Each Attack Depletes energy (based on power) -Combo's take excessive Stamina -Throwing and Basic Meele Take Stamina also Well i don't know what It's really gonna...
  6. W

    how do i meele

    ive been asking around on the servers.. not one person can answer me
  7. R

    Meele - Special Combos

  8. F

    adv. meele question.

    hi guys think at this scene in 1.2 ur fighting with an guy an u make an combo or ur in an ps then an noob come to u shoot a few kiballs at u and ur in an ki blob the the noob shoot an kamehameha at u and u 2 are dead can this happen?
  9. D

    meele counterattack

    Hi @ all I have a question on the meele attack. Almost everytime when I use swoop to reach my enemy to attack him, he knocks me out. I have no change to hit him because he seems to be faster. Is this something like a counterattack he does? because when a bot attacks me in swoopmode I...
  10. M

    Question bout Meele 1.2

    as almost everyone in the meele movies saw, when you contact the opponent youll hit him with several punches till hes unconst.. un.. stunned. this all happens in a horizontal way what if you hit him from above? will you punch him down? heres a sample pic to make you understand without...
  11. M

    o_O advanced meele even in 1.1?

    o_O ah well.. maybe its my bad eyes but i wonder what happened last night with me on a server.. am i that bad or are others THAT good!? its hard to explain but ill try(guess thats the reason about this thread^^) i fought a dude in meele mode but he.. was really good i htink(even...
  12. Delusional

    Meele: Hit Into Wall

    Ok I was Playing And Hit A Guy Into The Wall And Thought HEY I KNOW WHAT WOULD MAKE IT COOL So here i am ok here goes: Ok Instead Of being Hit Into The Wall And Falling To The Ground how about Getting Stuck on the wall for a few secs then fall face first in the ground or just be stuck on the...
  13. J

    Meele doubt

    Some people will just laugh, but here it goes. While I'm playing, many times, I start the meele fly and so does my target. No matter what happens, my target always hit me. No matter what the difference between PL or if I'm transformed or not, my target always hit me. Also, when I defend a...
  14. S

    Advance meele help

    For this advance melee is it possible that when your swooping to hold down right click so that you can kick or punch like in 1.1, be good for all us n00bs out there. lol sP
  15. M

    Avanced MEELE

    WOW! I just wanted to say to the esf team u guys/gals KICK ASS! i now cant wait for 1.2 the avanced meele stuff looks to awsome! U all are puttin ur very best effort into this mod as I and everyone else can and should be able to plainly tell!!!! :yes: :yes: :yes...
  16. N

    Sword and tail on advanced meele

    On advanced meele when charging a combo all character can choose between punchs and kicks. That's my idea. I think Trunks, Frieza and Cell should be able to choose between punchs (blue arrow), kicks (yellow arrow) and sword for Trunks and tail dor Frieza and Cell (green arrow).
  17. M

    CDKEY help and beta 1.2 advanced meele comments , questions

    A friend of mine was desperate to play ESF on the internet lol he even wanted me to share with him my OWN CDKEY lol I suggested him to buy the latest HL - which is BLUE SHIFT If I am not mistaken.... he doesnt want to waste much money on HL , just the CDKEY to play ESF on the internet...
  18. W

    recharge and meele bug

    ok, when u are meeling, there is a easy bug wich let u win every head on. when u are reacharging, and u see that ur enemy is meeling direct to u, and when u meele to him when he is some meters in front of u , u win everytime. it doesnt take any matter if he´s ssj or not, u win evrytime ...
  19. DaRkMaSk

    New Meele Methodz?!?!?

    is there some "new" meele methods?? some guy kept owning me in head to head swoops... and i asked him how he waz doing this. when he replyed he said "its a new meele method for 1.1" but i actually didnt beleive him.. is there really one? or is he lying to me;(
  20. Snow

    Meele Script

    I have seen kids playing and watching them teleport and a very fast rate during meele, when I asked one of them how they did it they said that had downloaded a meel script. What is a meel script?