1. omnomnom

    Hey does this matter?

    Do like 8th grade grades matter? because now that i have about 1 and a half weeks of school left, my grades are slipping a little as im starting to check out, and this worries me... they dont effect high school right?
  2. M

    Missing Matter Found in Deep Space

  3. Suh Dude

    A Matter of Life and Death

    Anyone get that new Iron Madien CD? I kinda like it. o_o
  4. KidMan

    Refresh Rate - Does It Matter?

    Does it matter if you go over 60 for refresh rate on a monitor? Does it effect games at all or does it really do anything that would make you go to 75 or higer?
  5. imkongkong

    Why make addons (evm, btl, evossj4) when it won't matter in the end?

    Throughout the years of ESF, many people have been wanting movie characters, more transformations, more characters, more tweaks, etc to the game because what the team wants in may conflict with the wants of the community. Due to this reason, members of the community would join forces and create...
  6. Bebi

    Okay then taking matter into my own hands

    Okay since i want to fix those two mp3's in the majin vegeta pack (Trans1 and scream1) fast then i got to do it myself. So what i'm asking is what are the requirements for a character sound file? (since i've tried converting it to wav. but no luck in it working)
  7. Yazuken

    Know of any Texture/Wad editors?

    Does anyone know of Half-life texture/Wad editors besides "Wally"
  8. N


    i have a clan-site, and i need a logo, sounds cool 2 me, some1 make a logo 4 me? dont matter whats in it. but plz i want to see ''e.s.f'' in the logo, thx iin advance ps: my site is dutch, but i wanted to show anyhoe: my esf clan
  9. C

    i found ssj4trunks model u can find it @ the bottom of models/skins
  10. S

    does size really matter?

    well im attempting a poly by poly model in milkshape, and ive done the chest and stomach area, and then i realised, i have no idea what im doing, so, do i need it to be a particular size? do i join the arms and head and stuff to the torso? is there any information i must know before i proceed...
  11. Wangster


    well, i have found a tutorial wich learns me to map, its pretty simple so far, but i already have a prob, they say that i must put in the hlcsg.exe in the box where they ask csg executeble, well, when i couldnt find the thing, i made a search, and the results say the file isnt on my computer, so...
  12. 1_heart_boobies

    putting up my ava

    i need help putting my ava on the forum. the max res is 100x100 and size is 10240 right? my ava is 98x98 and is 10,139, why cant i put it on?!?! i checked the yes box and put in the directory correctly, but i get this when i submit my ava: Warning...
  13. I

    First try at humanoid sprites...

    Well, i realized that i'll never be able to draw good on a computer till i get a digi-pen. But i found a good passtime, eh... tallent? Can i say that? Well here it goes: *Here's a picture of basic angles... *Here i tried my little guy in seasonal background...
  14. MinesSkylineR34

    3dsm is hard

    SM was right :\ its 100x harder than bryce a few ques how do u render something, when i got rendering>render(F10) it had no ok button?? just a bunch of options?? how do u drag things like in this tutorial i saw? how do you move the shapes...
  15. Devion

    ESF models and there scale

    Well I noticed something about the models when I was playing with Sin Goku USSJ Vegeta. Well I was fighting cell(bot) and I saw that Semi-Perfect Cell is smaller then Vegeta.(Ussj) Well I thought thats because of the ussj model. But when I deascend the model(compare with non-ssj Vegeta)...
  16. stiffdog

    to |::>sugar<::|

    hey sugar your pm box is full cant send u a message.
  17. Stanz

    EPT Logo, Help?

    Is there anyone out there that can help me design a new logo for EPT like maybe something that brings out the DBZ look? I was thinking of having some text that had the like super saiyan aura around it and maybe some electricity going accross it that would look cool, I did some simple text in...
  18. Virtigo Seven


    what about the legandary toas? (bionical) One Houndred! oh, hell yeah!
  19. A


    they should add androids in the game:) ;D
  20. Ryoko

    Ryoko and Tenchi

    Well, heres my latest wallpaper. Still wip though. Click the picture for the 1024 version. What do you think of it? Any ideas about what to add or take away? Comments much apreciated!