1. ciarkol

    Happy Birthday Mastasurf

    Happy Birthday dude !!! :)
  2. Mccdbz5

    New POTW by Mastasurf...

    Um...Uh...What is it?
  3. A


    Omg, it's Mastasurf's day! Saw his bday on here. Happy 22th Mastasurf D:
  4. The_Forgotten

    Happy 21st Mastasurf!

    Happy birthday man, may there be many more.So lets whip out the beers and get the prostitutes already :).
  5. S

    official 1.2 mirrors by mastasurf

    check it out i already downloaded my copy :laff:
  6. A

    Questions For Mastasurf

    a couple weeks ago I created a new steam layout for beta 1.2.What was the old one then ? I gues u had already one for 1,2 but u made a new one so witch one was it ? If you look in the bottom left you can see the new steam logo Xstortionist(retired team member) designed for ESF. He is also...
  7. Vegeta's Briefs

    MSpaint contest!

    Hey! We're having a MSPaint Contest! I have some prizes set up for the first three winner (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, in other words), and if you want them, or if you just want a little competition, then please post your entry down below. What you need to enter is an MSPaint drawing. It has to...
  8. T

    What...Explanation for Mastasurf !!!....i think

    A friend Informed me of a "Evolution Mod" server for ESF...It allowed multiple Transformations (Modeling wasn't too good :P) And automatically downloaded new models...Although he only got Gokuu ssj2 and ssj3 this proves its possible and the coding is already done Im sorry i cant 100% confirm...
  9. S

    finally bojack gohan done

    heres my final bojack gohan. i need a host for the models. credits to smo, sbolt,-SSJ Gohan Model: SS Vegeta Skin: Mastasurf and me fro edit. i need to get permission before its released
  10. Vegeta

    GT Vegeta Pack {Release?}

    I just finished my first model edit, so go easy on the negative crits plz. Its a GT vegeta pack. It comes with Vegeta,Super Saiyan, and Baby(Bebi). I did most textures,and editing. Sounds included. Credits: SS_Vegeta (For the GT Vest) Azn dragon (For Mystic Gohan Head and some of...
  11. RuFuS


    Mastasurf hey im new here but i no what to do about that you type in console when u get in the server "cl_fxquality 0" with out the qotes works good
  12. P

    a silly picture

    Thought this was funny during my exploits to make something Mastasurf freaking liked..
  13. P

    Sup Duders

    Mastasurf told me to post it when i finished, sooooo tell me what you think.....
  14. C

    A Message To Mastasurf

    Dude, Spitfire banned me from ESF for no reason,he started by calling me g*y and a *******,and i posted it on the forums to see if people really did hate me,and he warned me,and said if i do it again ill be banned,and this is our latest conversation: (AIM was messed when he sent me 9...
  15. D

    Animating Job

    i sent an email Mastasurf a while ago and asked him, but he never replied... so I am applying now.... i will post a model later with some of my animations....
  16. S


    Anyone interested in participating/seeing a sig contest? something like see who can make the best sig in one week?
  17. Mastasurf

    More REAL art

    <img src=""> just a quicky coloring job :0)