1. Rocky

    Manual or Automatic?

    I was pondering this as I was driving home and flipping between drive and neutral (lame-o auto driver here :() everytime I went downhill pretending I had a manual car and wishing my parents had a manual car that I could've learnt on. So anyway, what's your transmission?
  2. real goku

    manual in other languages

    this is not really a suggestion.. when 1.3 comes, will there be a new manual? and if it is so, wouldn't it be nice to have the manual in more languages, so the guys who don't understand english so well have the possibility to read it and understand everything?! but before somebody...
  3. Hamppu


    i was thinging of this.. when 1.2 comed out there was a manual of it.. so is there going to be a manual of 1.3.. about tehh new stamina based melee and tehh buddy system and stuff :P
  4. Volrath

    ESF 1.2.x Manual on portuguese (brazil)

    I've translated it to portuguese months ago... I've decided to publish it here now :P Cya guys!
  5. H

    is there a manual for playing?

    sometimes i do stuff i can t do again how to do nice combo go to do perfect form pls tell me where i can find a manual sometimes i garb the leg and twist the guy arround don t know how to do it???? O_o
  6. mac1029

    Where can i read the new manual?

    I would appreciate any help :)
  7. Jumin


    Everywhere telling me to go look in the manual.. but i can't find any working links to the manual.... i found it once but now i can't find it anymore... and i thought i read that there was only one transformation for each character... how are people going ssj2?? anyone help me out. thanks
  8. T


    i feel like im being quite stupid because everyone says to read the manual, but i dont know where to find the manual. can anyone help me?
  9. T


    Where can i find a manual for playing becose i'm ann noob :laff:
  10. P

    I've lost me manual

    I lost my manual and I'm a complete newb to the 1.2 moves and such, can anyone help me out?
  11. A

    Manual...... RTFM

    'How do I play? RTFM Where is the manual? On the site I don't see the manual ESFManual This is for the people who are too lazy to rtfm on the site and don't know where it is. *Edit* Extract and open up manualr1. I saved the manual page and then zipped it up with winrar.
  12. V

    Manual Installation

    Manual Installation of Amxmodx Title: Simple Readme By: Votorx Date: June 13, 2004. Alright, so you want to install amxmodx, well this readme will make that all easy and possible, even if you have no idea what your doing. First things first, you can use an automatic installer, a...
  13. T

    ESF 1.2 Manual ???

    Why didn't the ESF team include a flash manual in version 1.2 ? I hope that they'll make a new and updated flash manual for version 1.2.1 or 1.3.
  14. M

    I'm looking for the manual

    Hi, I'm surprised by the great new effects and gameplay of esf beta 1.2 but i have a Problem. I can't find the manual on my PC. So I pretty get my ass kicked on all server ;) Can I download the manual for esf 1.2 anywhere? I couldn't find it on "google". thx MBStone
  15. C

    Characters innate abilities and such not in manual

    Goku can Teleport while charging while Super, a innate ability that isnt mentioned anywhere. I also know about Buu having much higher PL and best blasting ability, which is a nice thing he has over everyone else. What other abilities do characters have that make them different.. I want to know...
  16. K

    i was just reading the manual and...

    i see that frieza has a thing called telekinessis, and what does it do? and what is a genericbeam? when i kill people sometimes it says i killed them with a genericbeam, what in the world is that? there needs to be a manual telling u all the attacks and special features for certain characters...
  17. imkongkong

    downloadable 1.2 manual

    i remember beta 1.0 and 1.1 had a downloadable manual.. i was wondering if anyone could make a downloadable manual becuase i'm going to burn the game for my friends.. they dont' have internet but we usually can play lan games, but it'd be too hard and frustrating to teach them everything in...
  18. Z

    What's up with the Manual?

    What is with the constant reference to "he or she" ? I don't think many, if ANY girls play ESF, and also, shouldn't it be referring to the CHAR you pick? if that's the case, it should only be "he" because there are no female characters. help appreciated
  19. Jonesdaniel

    1.2 Beta Manual!

    ooooo the 1.2 manual is out !!!! Now we can all get prepared before the release =)
  20. S

    ESF 1.2 Manual

    WIll this be released when 1.2 comes out or before it comes out. So we can practice it a lil bit.