1. S

    making models

    what kind of software is needed to make and edit models, and where can i find it?
  2. S

    making mods

    what kind of software is used to make mods for half-life, and where can i get it?
  3. S

    making models

    hi, i was wondering what u use to mke your own models can somone tell me? btw i looked in the thread about people askoin same questions and i didnt see this one in there.
  4. C

    i found ssj4trunks model u can find it @ the bottom of models/skins
  5. S

    SSJ4 trunks

    has anybody ever thought of making a SSJ4 Trunks model that would be somthing to see i tihnk
  6. Suh Dude

    Neds Veggito

    well i tryed Zerierths Tutorial and its coo crits credit ned
  7. Viki@killer

    Conversion Gohan to Sonic

    I am making total conversion of Gohan to Sonic,with all animations,sounds and sprites...And with his speedy aura(blue orb).This is only for those who downloaded Sonic from RedSaiyan.Who wants it,GRAB IT!!!
  8. Gangster464

    When is it coming out ? And wo do u like better

    When is the new esf coming out so we can have more fun ? :devgrin: awsome :devgrin:
  9. Dante7524

    Error Making a Dedic. Server

    Whenever I try making a Dedicated server, It closes half-life, and I get a small window with like server name, RCON, amount of ppl, and that stuff. When I fill that out, I get an error saying "HLds has commited an illegal operation and will be shut down." How do I fix this and make a dedicated...
  10. S


    where do u get the evoution mod??? and what is it
  11. Element4q2

    Bardock Finished

    Ok heres my "finished" Bardock model. Basically finished just have to add the scar to his cheek. Probably not the best picture but the new image host im using limits filesize. Credit to ESF Team for Vegeta body and SMo for the original face.
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    Standout Presents

    ok now i have made fun of many styles in the past and its time to make fun of myself. so Standout presents a minimal effort tutorial tools needed photoshop 3dsmax 1. open up photoshop and set the res to 1074x768 2. fill the area with a dark blue to semi dark blue sunburst gradient 3...