1. V

    How can i host my model on Redsaiyan ?

    Hi i dont know if this threat belongs here but i just wanna know how i can host it there ...
  2. E

    new map but help with pics

    i've just made a good map with mountainous terrain an wot i consider a good atmosphere, wen testin against bots! only prob wit map is da sky which i downloaded. the sides are all in wrong places but i will fix that an recompile in future. the point is i need a help with hostin pics of the...
  3. Mystacx

    Plz can someone give me this file:

    Hello you guys (and girls), I was kinda wondering if S-bolt would giv me his ssj2gohan ms3d-file cause i'd like to edit it! plz give me this file.
  4. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Dragon Ball GT Goku Version 2

    Vell heres the version 2 i hope that this is more like a gt goku... :talk:
  5. M

    Original Goku

    Well ive lost my original Goku skin could someone plz send it to me My Mail or add me in msn
  6. S

    Photoshop Help !!!!!!!

    Can someone help me with making logo's and stuff because i only used photoshop 6.0 and know a **** of 7.0 here my mail Me Mail or you can add me in msn
  7. M

    Buu Saga Model Pack - Crew Wanted !

    Hey There, We're working on several new models for a Buu Saga Model Pack, which will feature the following new characters: Goten - ALMOST FINISHED Chibi Trunks - WORKING Gotenks (Fusion Mode / SSJ / SSJ3)- WORKING Piccolo (New Model) - HELP WANTED !!! Adult Mystic Gohan / Great Saiyan...
  8. S

    Need skinner for adult gohan

    I edited AZN's GSM Model to look like this (but non BD): But now The parts I changed need to be skinned and I can't do that. So if someone is interested in skinning it just give me your mail address and I'll send the .mdl to you.
  9. S

    Model & Skin Tutorials & Guides

    Hey Guys, I need Model Tutorials & Guides for my new ESF Model Web-site, the web-site will contain everything from models & skins to Tutorials & guides but I've downloaded a *.pdf file (54 MB) which I can not convert to txt or html... I'd like to ask all of you to send in your tutorials &...
  10. M

    SSJ3Goku by bryggz

    Hey could someone send me Bryggz SSJ3Goku model or give me a site a download it. I went through these 13 pages and found only 1 site and the zip or something was damaged and the one on redsaiyan is not bryggz it used to be, but it got mixed up with Dakd somehow, but I personally think bryggz is...
  11. K

    Uub model

    do u guys have a uub model??? ive searched the forums and no matches....
  12. sexyasian86

    Neo Gohan

    was going through websites and i came across a "Neo Gohan" it is obviously an edit of Azn Dragon's Mystic Gohan but it has nice skin edits and animations are the same. sorry, i forgot the site to this model/skin so you want it IM me on AIM at : sky zero xtc peace outs
  13. S

    Krillin sounds

    Hey can someone help me i need the original Krillin sounds here my hotmail plz send them to me thax allready
  14. Black Saiyan


    its a pieace off crap it keeps crashing when i gotto complie why the peace off crap i feel like throwing it out the window can any1 help
  15. K

    My music video

    Hey everyone I just made my first music video. If anyone wants it just e-mail me Its not the best quality one that i made. The better one takes to long to upload. Ill give details of the video when i send it.
  16. S

    ssj3 vegeta released

    heres the download link to my ssj3 vegeta
  17. S

    all of u guys looking for a this...

    if u want to host ur art but cant find the address!! ive got more than enough space for it. just send it to my e mail and notify my of sending it. ill host it and post the address.
  18. D

    Skinn Artist

    i need good artist if u wanna help me out e-mail me at (plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz som body help!!!)
  19. Death The Jedi


    Can someone e-mail me the original krillin models? I lost mine...