1. TimTheEnchantor

    Exploding Aura V2.

    This is Version 2 of Exploding Aura. This is a MAJOR upgrade so its basically a new image, hence a new thread. It has the same color burst in the beginning, but a bit more color-toned to blue at the end of it. Hopefully you like..
  2. dudeman

    new wallaper... again

    comments? anyone?
  3. owa

    [+] New Mods! [For the Love of God Read]

    Hey, I don't know if its my place to post this, but I'm gonan anyways. I just wanted to list of the new moderators. I'm sick of everyone going:- "Oh shut-up you nublet stop being a n00b wannabe" They say this crap to a mod, and there gonna get in trouble for it, so I'll name all the new...
  4. D

    USSJ5 Goku

    Iv be asked by a few people who liked my ssj5 goku model to create a ussj5 goku model so im making a poll to ask you all if i should spend/waste my time on it.
  5. Logan4434

    ssj script?

    ok i tried to get it on RS but the link is down.couls someone gimme a link to it?(yes i know you dont need it for beta but i like to play alpha and it would be nice)PLZZZZ
  6. K

    check this out........

    i made a wav of goku when he goes ssj3 and i wanna put it in the game....... how can i do it?
  7. USJTrunks


    Yeah, crappy name, didn't know what else to name it
  8. Morrone

    Transformation Pack Version 2 Released! A Different kind of sound.

    Well during the making of Transformation Sound Pack version 1 I came across a link someone had posted on these forums that led to a website in which all of Bruce Faulconer's music was availabe. Instead of taking a leaf out of Bruce's book I went ahead and snagged the whole tree. This...
  9. LaMM


    I made a new map, i found it very difficult cuz it was the first time i used a hull file and it caused some problems but ive worked that all out. This map is meant to have a competition, like some 1 on 1 fights. it contains an arena + an area where you can stand an watch the fight or something...
  10. V

    A good site to put your models on. Come on people its in the ESF sites links. They have quite a few good models on their site just go there and post your work they'll do it very nicely and easily. I don't know why people won't just put their work there. It's easy to access and search for on a search...
  11. HyperSaiyaman

    Ultra Vegeta

    There are a lot of models but why dont you make a good model with vegeta, remeber the cell saga when trunks goes ultra super saiyan were his muscles goes bigger , well that would be a good model, and please post your home pages i love to download models for my esf, another model you can make...
  12. Vengaurd

    LightBeam Kamehameha

    allright, some people didnt care for my last kamehameha charge effect, so i compiled this one, its esentially the same but it has a bigger ball and the lights rotate around it download here copy and paste that (dont forget, my servers...
  13. KilledWithStyle

    The International love thread

    (Since my hate thread didnt work) This is the oppiste. You HAVE to say sommthing good about the person who posted before you. Good luck. And be nice ::smile: (p.s.: You dont HAVE to know teh person you just have to say summthing nice)
  14. B

    SSJ4 Goku

    Hi here my goku edit to goku ssj4 Thy and credits to tha real goku modler from esf
  15. Hsu

    new flash work

    Ok I have been watching a lot of Invader Zim lately and I love the style used so I made a few things in flash of Gir. I am relly happy with how Gir in his dog costum came out. You will need to...

    me again

    i was wanderin does any 1 have a ssj3 goku that looks good or a old school sayian armor vegeta?:rolleyes:
  17. Deverz

    New sig and ava

    New sig and ava thanks to naz :) Both currently in use (unless someone's asking for a hiding and digs this up from the crypt)
  18. R@!D3R

    Metro-Tek's Sig

    Wow... This one took like 2 hours. I hope you all love it :) Color is a little different but I liked it. Well?
  19. S

    kami map and esf_buu thread

    I need a working link to the map gotesapalce or somthing and I need that map to work for esf thanks in adance O yea MAx's new esf map will r0ck! I cant wait to dl it esf_buu will be so cool one sugestion make it so realistic like the show like when goku fought that one guy make everything like...
  20. M

    New sig

    here it is: tell me what ya think