1. Skyrider

    Dying in Diablo II multiplayer makes you lose skills?

    I was playing alone today (Diablo II LOD) to gain some levels in multiplayer. I was at level 4 and I died because I wasn't paying attention to my health points. I lost all my money, weapons and Armour.. Find, I can deal with that. But I also lost my fireball skill (I am a sorcerer).. Is this...
  2. Zeonix

    Don't lose your head over it! Ha ha...ha.....yeah.

    http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2007/05/09/1178390349892.html?from=top5 Crazy stuff.
  3. A

    when i lose a bit of health and i decend my health goes down

    Is there something that I'm doing wrong It happens to my friends that play on my server also is there a command enabled that I have to turn off? I really dont like it its annoying. O_O
  4. I

    Ascend, Descend, Ascend = lose hp O_o

    If your ascended (with trunks) and you descend and then ascend again you lose 1 hp. I don't know if its the same with other characters cause i've only tried this with trunks. Its not really a problem unless you do it 100 times but a bug none the less so i posted it anyway :] .
  5. E

    Does any1 know where I can download eminem lose Your Self MP3

    If you do Pls post da website here thanx
  6. Goten-son


    ok well as a lot of you have seen this new member named "thedbzguy" has wanted hosting for his MOD. It is for quake 3 and he wants to release it. well theres 1 problem he has there, HE HAS BEEN STEALING OTHER PEOPLES MODELS LIKE FROM ESF AND PUTTING THEM IN HIS GAME and he told me he does...
  7. Rebirah

    Made up my own anime char O_o

    I was bored so I decided to start my own anime char in photoshop :/ give critz on how to make him better.. (not finished)
  8. D

    HELP!!! before i lose my mind!!!

    I have dl the beta 1.1 and beta 1.0. neither have worked due to some prblem with the installer. i have cs retail which is updated to 1.5. could the prob just be with my comp?
  9. X

    My various 2D Art

    Heres a whole bunch of DBZ/Original Art i've done over the past month. Most of it is being used for my MMORPG DBZ based game. Have a look... Now, here's just a fun comic I was doing in MS Paint--> Go to my website--> http://branks.fateback.com/faceballonline.html Also my...
  10. Eider

    reskin Krillin 2 ^^

    Owkej, I was terribly bored this evening so I started thinking ... My female model for esf isn't working so I started with remodelling and reskinning some original esf skins . :talk: I just finished my reskin and remodel of Krillin 2, I shall show some pics tomorrow but first I need to...
  11. T

    Wallpaper *first*

    *sigh* Lets try this again, Seeing how some people I wont name names they know who they are said I rip, But yet I have sent my **** to Naz - Mega - OWA. So I shall like to speak to them very soon, Maybe within today and tommorrow. Gen13 Wallpaper
  12. Warrior_Elite45

    Why Did I Just Lose My Sig Image?!?!

    Why did I just lose my gohan pic I had for my sig? It's now replaced by some remote linking thing. Is it displayed like that on everyone's computer, or is it only on mine? Please let me know why it's like that, and how I can fix it. Thanks
  13. Marauder

    Site layout Oo

    well its just the beginning layout, what do u think :?
  14. Jonesdaniel

    2 Person Melee...i lose :S

    Ok, when 2 people swoop into each other, i rarely ever win. I have a good connection, usually one of the best in-game so its not my ping...i rapidly click the mouse when i zoom in..am i doing anything wrong?
  15. Ryoko

    New sig I created

    Can I have some juicy comments please.
  16. B

    Even More Car Photo Manips

    Well i decided to do a little more car photomanipulation, this one has got the most extensive reworking of the cars body that i have attempted yet and i think it turned out very well comments and critz welcome. My Edit:- Original:- BrunO