1. Damaera

    Kami's Lookout

    Today we put the spotlight on the newest team member, Layne, and shed some light on the <a href="http://forum.esforces.com/potw-8-30-09-t75327.html">teaser</a> that was shown last week! <hr /><center><a href="http://images.gamers-desire.de/images/bfi1252106698r.jpg"><img...
  2. imkongkong

    WIP: Kami's Lookout

    i keep startin new maps wen im stuck on another map =\ oh well.. this map is kami's lookout.. imo, the textures are pretty bad and i want to have better textures.. i just have no clue how to make great quality textures.. anyways.. im also requestin a modeler to make or if anyone could help me...
  3. D


    hi everyone if u want to be a mapper for a clan and u dont got one yet plz join this clan we are currently looking for a mapper and on the site it sez assassin "mapper" hes not good he a nub at it and we need a real one he just volunteerin but he is in the clan ok so go here if u want to join or...
  4. Cold Steel


    I'm a clanmapper now, but i still want to show off here. Anywayz here's my newest map, it has the rosat and the lookout in one level, i know it's been done twice, but i wanted to give a shot at it, and see if i could pull it off. Couldn't make some large jpegs, my pc is having odd...
  5. L

    Kimi's Look out textures

    I need Kimi's look out textures, would some one be able to make me them, or found some that i could use for it?
  6. P

    Problem with Kami's Lookout map

    Incase, you haven't noticed, there is no trigger hurt at the base of the Kami's Lookout map. I've never played online, mainly because I can never find an Australian server running ESF, but whenever I play against bots (I don't know what type of bots they are, but they are very stupid) they run...
  7. P

    Kami lookout

    Does anybody have a Kami look out map where you can enter the Room of spirit and time?Would be great if you post the link here to download <p align="center"><img border="1" src="http://dbz.dragon-baby.org/dbz/vegeta.JPG" width="360" height="200"> <p align="center"><font face="Verdana"...
  8. T

    Kami's Lookout

    on kamis lookout you can fall and hit what appears to be the bottom, shouldnt there be a killswitch so if you fall so far you die?
  9. MSF

    My Map

    I have last 2 day make a map about Kami. Here the Link . Screenshots come later. Please say want you peaple think. ps. The map has one Problem, you must the activate by Console. The Console Command is map GSF_Gottespalast
  10. V

    kami lookout question

    can u go into the hyperbolic time chamber on kamis lookout
  11. Ranma

    I know this map won't be in beta, but..

    Alright, i know this map won't be in beta, but since beta isn't out yet anyway, well, heres my question, I went to red sayjin, and went into ESF maps, i saw the korin tower one, i dl it, and put it in the correct folders and such, but when ever i click create game and choose that map, the...
  12. Kama

    New ESF Kami Lookout

    http://www.esforces.com/~team/Mastasurf/esfkami01.jpg http://www.esforces.com/~team/Mastasurf/esfkami02.jpg Ok well anyways, firstly these are from the new ESF map, it isn't my work so don't think that. So I was wondering, in the first pic, is the level actually that far from the...
  13. E

    Tester's favorite maps

    Just wondering what are the tester's favorite maps for beta 1 so far? You can describe it if you want, but the name would be fine. The favorites will be the first maps I try when the beta comes out.
  14. Phobius

    Kami's Tower Lookout Map

    I am hoping this question was not asked before but here it goes. In the Kami's Lookout Tower Map are you going to addd Korin's Tower below it so there can be 2 levels to fight on instead of just that one area. Also if you decide to do put a field of sensu beans in it because Korin is the one...
  15. W

    question 'bout the new lookout map

    will the new kami's lookout have a hyperbolic time chamber in it? you know, like the one swisscheese made? that would be sweet...
  16. S

    New Namek

    Im just guessing on this one but are they going to have the new namek map and the Room of sprit and time room in the game.
  17. I

    Trunks head

    wtf some d00d........posted this for me....wack!!!! anyway here ya go www.ic0nz.tk maybe copy and paste....... copy and paste this one......to go direct to the pic http://www.freewebz.com/iconz/trunksmodel.jpg
  18. A

    Professional Evil Skins

    here are my evil team skins, i tried to make them look professional tell me what u think
  19. D

    Real USSJ Vegeta

    (sigh)... that one dude made a cool USSJ Vegeta, but it looked a little messed up... here is a pic of the one i made... I will post a link for download later... Compare sizee to this one...
  20. D

    Trunks again?

    i dunno, i was bored last night after the game, so there you go a whole hours worth of making neck and skin edits, all by your friendly neighborhood -|DbZ|-Piccolo.