1. xstortionist

    A model to practice on.

    Well I've had some free time on my hands this past week and i decided to work on a new model just for practice and to maybe put in a game. I just been messing aroudn and I've come up with this. *copy and paste link* http://www.angelfire.com/ms2/ssjdomain/armoredmodel.jpg Right now I'm...
  2. E

    Trunks Heads

    Imma prob model all the trunks heads heres what i got so far! http://sos.fpsmods.com/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=16149
  3. Cold Steel

    about the freeza form 2 model

    Yo metrotek your model looks great (here comes the but),but his head is to thick and the horns should go a little more to the sides before they go up.and those shoulder plates should be a little bit more on top of his shoulders instead of on the sides owk???For the rest i tink the model...
  4. S

    A sprite iam working on

    i made a green color kameha, i know its wierd but iam currently building up my skills.... this is what iam working on it still needs work Charging the beam Charge Beam at its fire Beam (if the links dosent work try adding an www. as i said it still need work, but ill like to...
  5. dudeman

    SSJ2 Gohan drawing

    hey all, i drew a SSJ2 Gohan and colored it with computer, no examples where used.. opninions plz?
  6. Virtigo Seven

    good goten models

    Any one got a good Goten model?
  7. [SAS]Orion

    Yuri wallpaper attempt 2

    Gimme comments please ^^
  8. Naz

    Anathema [Wallpaper]

    anyone likes it? bigger [email protected] http://home.planet.nl/~gorp0148/Anathema.jpg c&c + comments? enjoy!
  9. R

    Some artwork

    Well I scanned some of my work, some old... some new... anyway... they are all on my page though, and I'm too lazy to post link by link... if you like looking at art, of all kinds really... you can go here, if not sorry :-p anyway, heres the link, under artwork of course... some of the pictures...
  10. owa

    WallPaper (Xenogears)

    Well this is my first wallpaper. I do relieze this is notthing compared to what most of oyu can but then again this is my first. Anyways post what ya think. Just don't spam or say its the worst tihng oyu ever seen. Cause I laready know it sucks just tell me hwta I should do to...
  11. owa

    PS Animation help!

    Hey, I was wondeirng if anyone knew were I could find a tutorial for Photoshop 7 on how to make an animation. I'm looking for somthing simple like the animimations -Gotrunks- did. Either that or someone could tell me how to do this. Anyways please and thank you.
  12. GhostfaceKillah

    Lightning Effects in PS

    i was wondering if n e one knows where i can get a tut for making lighning in photoshop?
  13. Z

    More drawings !

    btw it says marlon torres cuz that my real name:tired: oh and my new DRAWING site is : www.marlontorres.cjb.net
  14. fatmanterror

    My Second model Vegetto

    this is my second model and skin, the head i just modified my ssj goku head because it was about perfect already, well tell me what u think, am i gettin better or worse?SSJ Vegetto
  15. Tyrael

    where do you get ........

    those nice pictures in the signatures for instances like -{gF}- Trunks or Majin Gotenks i wanna have that to :cry: :\
  16. L

    WallPaper People

    For all your ESF junkies have to much time. Just wondering if people can make some DBZ wall papers. Be nice to have an assortment here. Im tried of looking at my yellow dbz wallpaper too :p. Anyone with time please post some pics :)