1. Alteh

    Lonely Tree

    Alright here is something I started because I was bored and felt like doing something like this.
  2. C

    u all get lonely, mainly me

    i get tired of talking to the same people on msn messenger and AIM, so other people gimme a message on AIM im shadowbal3000 on msn im [email protected] TALK to ME :cry:
  3. USJTrunks

    Loneliness - Painting

    Everything is painted except for the grass, in which I used a Photoshop brush.
  4. T

    glitchy models

    dont get me wrong.. i like mostly every part of the version 2 models except the fact that they appear glitchy.. you can c thru weird places in them.. although i problay shuddent complain i cant do any better what does every1 else think, r they soething to worry about or just me bein dumb