1. I

    my gotenks model edit

    been bored... as usual... and decided to do a gotenks model edit because the last gotenks one wasnt that good well here it is... credits to: shijing and asian for the parts i took off their kid buu model, and nuttzy for the male base model...
  2. W

    MiXseD Ssj-Trunks ! very good work..

    hello i mix some model look i export some trunks and i want to switch his head soo i export the trunks thet i want to do head switch with skalakton and then i export the trunks i want 2 mix without skelektn. look... at the pic... but first i almost forgot it credits :) for all the model :)...
  3. H

    New long hair Trunks!

    Heh it's me again :p well this is not a big edit, I was bored and remembered ESF doesn't have a trunks like this. CREDITS!! Logan - The awesome Trunks skin ESF Team - Trunks model Hentai Sama - Trunks long hair and SSJ hair, and sword belt thing..and the non-SSJ pupils :) Updates...
  4. Suh Dude

    17 skin

  5. Moshe Kipod Ham

    New c17 skin

    [team Z] - Zarp gave me the c17 by Logan (sorry for the trouble it's a 100% true - sorry Logan :( His bro lied 2 him)and asked me 2 skin it... result: crits? comments? spam (don't :p )?
  6. D

    Where can i get a mystic gohan model??

    I saw the one at red saiyan but i dont want one that is like bruised up or ne thing so is there one that is just like that one but just not bruised up? Thanx
  7. A

    My SSJ4 Goku in the works

    here are a few shots of the ssj4 goku im making input please :devgrin:
  8. -Dark Shadow-

    SSJ3 Gohan: RELEASE!

    This is my first model edit :) pictures first: Now to download http://www.geocities.com/spectredemons2/ssj3gohan.zip (copy and paste url) Credit to s-bolt-- for his ssj2 gohan model Credit to bryggz for his ssj3 hair! Enjoy :)
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