1. Mkilbride

    Most epic Lego creation, ever?
  2. M

    Lego Universe

    Not a whole lot of information has been released yet. From what is known so far, this game is a MMO game set in Lego universe. Trailer:
  3. frsrblch

    LEGO Formula 1 Car WIP

    I've undertaken a new project in Rhino. As the title may suggest, I'm building a LEGO car on my computer. Remember the days when a LEGO model was made up of the standard pieces, and not just a bunch of unique parts that take all the fun out of creating something from a bunch of square boxes...
  4. DJ-Ready

    DBZ lego xD

    HAHA, I wish I had those when I was a kid
  5. M

    Lego Star Wars Demo!!

    Its out ppl, March 11 today!! Star Wars fans DL it here.. enjoy..
  6. darknavigator

    Lego Spiderman 2?! HAHAHAHAHA.. maybe even better than the movie :o
  7. Eon


    Happy Bday Mystix, have a good one dude.


    i was just thinking. With all the instructions that come with lego........How do the creaters come up with it all. how do they figure out how to put it together. IT CONFUSES MEEE:]
  9. Virtigo Seven


    what about the legandary toas? (bionical) One Houndred! oh, hell yeah!
  10. I

    Kamehameha!!!!animation check a kamehameha..LOL
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